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Experience the pleasures of an invigorating soak from the comfort of your home.

Deep soak

There’s more to baths than bathing

Taking a hot bath is a time-tested method to relax both the body and the mind. It is both peaceful and soothing.

Soaking your body in increased temperature helps to release endorphins, which are natural chemicals that make you feel good, and not only improves the quality of your sleep but also helps to boost your immune system.

The heat also increases our ability to release muscle tension and relax. You’ll feel insulated from your troubles once you’ve started a hot bath, as the heat dominates your awareness and forces out other thoughts. You’re sluggish while your body temperature drifts back to normal, and you recover from the exhaustion of the day. This is the relaxation one gets from a hot bath.

Specially Catered For Singaporeans

While the most common bathtubs are the freestanding acrylic ones, at SingaporeBathtubs, we understand that space constraints in Singapore may make standalone bathtubs a less-than-ideal choice for many households. As such, we extend our service a step further and offer an array of different bathtub materials and designs that is sure to fit your needs and demands.

How do you want to choose your bathtub?

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You are guaranteed to find the bathtub piece that not only matches your exact needs but also fit in your bathroom space.

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4-step Guide to Purchasing Bathtubs

Purchasing a bathtub might be a messy and confusing affair. You might not know where to start. Here is our suggestion in a simple-to-understand way.

Step 1: Contact Us

Allow us to find out more about your needs. We can give you great suggestions this way.

Step 2: Shortlist Models

Receive customised brochure, and shortlist the 3 most appealing bathtubs before awaiting our expert feedback.

Step 3: Select Bathtub

Specify your own bathtub dimensions and size. Decide if your want any other features for your bathtub.

Step 4: Place Your Order

Finalise your order. Then sit back, relax, and wait for your own unique bathtub to be delivered within 30 days.

Alternatively, you can contact us directly

Contact Us

Choosing the ideal bathtub does not need to be a complicated process. By contacting us directly, we are able to have a more accurate idea of what your needs are. This better allows us to provide you with the expertise, information and honesty you need to make your purchase.

Helps me

  • Discover my ideal bathtub fitting
  • Receive expert recommendations
  • Design my bathtubs with customised features
  • Clarify and resolve all questions and doubts


Clients happy with recommendations made

  • went on to finalise purchase 76% 76%

Why Should You Choose SingaporeBathtubs?


Lowest prices

By customising the bathtub directly, we eliminate the need for a middleman. This reduces the costs, allowing us to pass on the benefits to you in the form of cheaper and more affordable bathtub options.


Great variety

We understand that every house has different needs and constraints. That’s why we bring in various high-quality choices to match any interior design, space limitation or theme.

Quality bathtubs

We offer both our own brand of bathtubs as well as established brands from overseas. First-class quality, comfort and enjoyment are assured as we look to service only the very best bathtubs

Beautiful designs

Our bathtubs can provide you the ultimate fashion statement, as it captures the attention in the bathrooms and add on to a great classy visual to the overall house design.

Take the plunge.

Of the many luxuries available, a warm rejuvenating soak is one of the few you savour at home. Our extensive selection of tubs means that you will be able to find one just suited for your needs. A quality tub will last you a great many years, and many more lavish baths. Once you’ve had your first dip at home, you’ll come to love how easy it is to indulge to your heart’s content.

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Singapore Bathtubs Brand
Singapore Bathtubs Brand

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