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Solving Your Woes

Purchasing a bathtub can be a laborious affair if you don’t have all the complete information. It can quickly escalate into a time-consuming and frustrating process, but it doesn’t have to be so. At SingaporeBathtubs, we look to answer all your questions and doubts you have. Some of the more frequent questions we have received can be found below. If you need any clarifications, you can always drop us a message using the chatbox below, or simply contact us at +65 8440 4413.


What do you mean by customisable bathtubs?

We customise the dimensions, colors, and features of the bathtub. Features include build-in faucets, jacuzzi function, etc. 

What is the quality of the bathtub?

Our bathtubs are made from 3-layer acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement. This is currently the standard industry practice.

Do the bathtubs come with warranty?

The bathtub comes with a 1-year limited warranty from the date of installation. 

Is the Jacuzzi safe for use?

Yupp! Many misconception arise regarding the safety hazards  when electricity and water are in close proximity. However, the jacuzzi functions are simply pocket of airs that are released into the water, thereby forming the strong currents that you see. 

How does the drainage system work?

A connecting hose allows the bathtub drain to be connected to the floor drain. This allows water to be drained directly from the bathtub into the floor drain.

Should I get standalone or drop-in bathtub?

The standalone bathtub has a higher starting price, but much lower installation costs. The drop-in bathtub has a lower starting price, but a much higher installation costs. As such, the total costs for both bathtubs would actually be similar

However, we highly recommend standalone bathtubs due to its greater convenience and lower maintenance costs.

Site Visit

Can you come down for a site visit?

Yupp! Just arrange with Andy a suitable time and date and we’ll be down in an iffy. 

How much is the site visit?

It’s free! It is our pleasure to visit you at your homes and provide you with our recommendations.

What will I need to prepare for the sit visit?

Have in mind some bathtub models you are interested in. Also, it would be ideal if your contractor is present. 


Installation is a service not provided by SingaporeBathtubs, but is offered by third-party vendor.

(a) If you currently are engaging in the services of your contractor, we highly recommend having your internal contractor handle the installation. 

(b) If you are not currently engaging in the services of a contractor, we recommend you to seek your own contractor.

(c) However, upon your request, we are able to arrange for an external contractor who has worked on past projects with us, to come down together with us for the site visit. You can then engage his services on the spot.


How much is the delivery charge?

We provide free island-wide delivery in Singapore!

So will the bathtub be delivered to my doorstep?

Yupp! We offer door-to-door delivery. The bathtub will literally be delivered to your doorstep.

How long will it take to receive my bathtub?

You can expect to receive your bespoke Bathtub model within 4-6 weeks of order confirmation.

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