Black Bathroom Accessories

Classy. Mystique. Luxurious.

Black Bathroom Accessories Singapore

Black bathroom accessories can be a bold but rewarding decision. Whether as the perfect complement to a clean white bathroom walls, or as the finishing touches to an overall dark and mystical look of the bathroom, it is guaranteed to offer your bathroom a stylish and innovative look. 

At SGBTA, we offer you a wide range of handpicked black bathroom accessories collection and solutions from your top brands. Select the Best Bathroom Accessories Singapore from a wide variety in designs, shapes, sizes and materials. Keep your rest room space organized by purchasing suitable accessories. We give users many options, varieties and pleasurable experience to users as to get high quality products by visiting the showroom and observing the material as well.


Why Black



Make your bathroom accessories stand out from the lighter background of your bathroom walls.



Standardise the shade of your bathroom.  Match the colors of your walls and accessories.



A dark theme can provide a sense of mystique into the wonders of your bathroom. 

How do you want to choose your black accessories?

For individuals who prefer a guided shopping experience and an E-Catalog

For individuals who prefer an unguided shopping experience

Tailor-made Recommendations

Save yourself time by filling a simple questionnaire and let our experts figure out the rest for you

Step 1: Fill in Questionnaire

A simple-to-understand, 5-step questionnaire provides information for our personal experts to craft an ideal accessories recommendation for you.

Step 2: Browse E-Catalog

A comprehensive product catalog will be sent to you. Look through it and discuss with your friends and families. Shortlist your favourite accessories.

Step 3: Receive Recommendations

A personal recommendation will be made to you in 3-5 days. Shortlist your favourite bathtubs and discuss with our Personal Experts.

Shelves. Baskets. Robes. Hooks.

Anything You Need, We’ve Got You.

There is a whole array of innovative ways for you and your family to get your bathroom organised. Whether you want to organise a family bathroom or want to decorate a guest bath. SGBTA has the perfect range of accessories to serve you. Find your appropriate accessory from an impressive collection of organizers for every style of bath. Select from the range of options like shelves, basket, Robe hook, and more.

The assortment of accessories and organization solutions at our store helps you in utilising every inch of your bathroom countertop. With perfect from, function and a good sense of fashion the collection of stylish bathroom accessories and organization products can enhance the décor of your bathroom too.


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Add functionality and style to the décor of your bathroom. Get all the information and grab the knowledge about the product who liked the most for your bathroom on Wasser Bath. Browse through the wide range of innovative ways to create accessible storage in your bath. Study each and every product specification before purchasing it from any of the differently located show room in three different places.

Guide to choosing Black Accessories Options

A good way to start would be by considering these 3 factors.



Consider what kind of overall theme your bathroom is shaping towards. Do you want a victorian-styled one, or something even more medieval?



Differences in the shades of black can affect the look that you are ultimately going for. Decide if you are going for a matte black or a glossy black look.



What accessories should be dark in colour. Would it just be the shower head and bathtub faucets. Or would the tap and sink be black as well?