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We sell beautiful flush mount sinks with homeowners in mind

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If you have been shopping for kitchen sinks for long enough, you would know that there are usually two main options. The under-mount installation or the over-mount installation. Just like any other things, there are pros and cons for each of these options. However, what if we told you there is a new type of kitchen sink able to combine the strengths of both the over-mount and under-mount sinks. Even better, will you believe us if we said that it also eliminates most of the cons of the other two installation. A sink that is more practical, more stunning, and much easier to maintain. We don’t blame you if you think we are spinning fairytales. We won’t believe it if we haven’t seen and used it for ourselves. This new sink is called the flush mount sink, and integrates the best of both the over-mount and the under-mount sinks.


With a layout that transitions nicely from the countertop, you get the benefit of having additional worktop space. Attach cutting boards to the sink and Voilà, cooking just becomes much easier.

Great Convenience

The sink and countertop merges into one another, creating a chic look. Flush mount sink is one of the rare installation that is able to look  aesthetically pleasing and still be highly practical.


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Went with the flush mount sinks and its much better than the undermounts and overmounts that we had in the past. If you want to enjoy your kitchen then choose from the point of view of not having to worry about what some else may do to it. Relax and have a sleek smart looking flush mount modern sink. Best wishes.

– Sally & Thomas, June ’19

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Vevey Flush Mount Sink


SingaporeBathroomAccessories® Vevey Flush Mount Sink

  • SingaporeBathroomAccessories® sinks stand the test of time, developed through years of research and development
  • Setting a new industry standard with a Seamless & Beautiful Finish
  • Eliminates problems such as
    • Algae and mould growth
    • Water retention
    • Unhygenic hidden corners
    • Water seepages due to silicon tears
  • Elegance in design & attractive colours make it the perfect match for every living space concept
  • Widely exported to Asia, Europe, and US Markets


  • Outstanding ease of care
  • Unsurpassed scratch resistance
  • Heat-resistance up to 280°C
  • Stain-resistant
  • 100% non-fading even in direct sun


  • Nett Price. No GST. Free Delivery
  • Singapore Design & Technology



What we OFFER

Integrated Stunning Flush Mount Sinks

Premium Quality

High quality flush mount sinks are renowned for blending both design and functionality. It’s a craftsman’s masterpiece, built with the precision of an award-winning team. You are guaranteed to like what you see. After all, our sink are made to impress.


As one of the four most trusted brand in Singapore, we sell only bathroom accessories we would use ourselves. All our flush mount sinks undergo at leat 6 quality checks and 11 pilot testings. We are dedicated to providing bathroom accessories you can trust and rely on.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With more than 10 years in operation, we have grown to become the most trusted bathroom accessories brand in Singapore. Don’t take it from us. Hear from some of the 9,000+ Singaporeans who have purchased from us within just the last six months.

What’s different about our flush-mount sinks?

1. Seamless Design

What stands out most about the flush mount sink its unified appearance. It feels and looks like a single unit with the countertop. The construction, usually with high-grade brushed stainless steel, makes it look sleek, cool, and modern. An immediate win.

For many homeowners, the under-mount sink is a creative design feature that serves as the statement piece in the kitchen. Elegant and classy. Bold and adventurous. Calm and serene. Whatever look you’re going for, you can be sure that sure that we have it in our collection.

2. Clean & Tidy

What makes flush mount sinks so clean and hygienic is the presence of the silicone seal. Since there are no hidden corners nor crevices, water is unlikely to be retained anywhere in the sink. Additionally, the chances of getting debris and leftover food stuck to the edges of the sink is also very low.

A flush mount sink allows you to brush food crumbs easily into the sink. Nothing is left hanging there. This significantly minimises the risk of any bacterial growth. What you end up with is a cleaner and more hygienic living space.

3. Customised & Handmade

As with most of our other products, our flush mount sinks are all handmade to order. You know that you’ll be receiving greater attention everything is perfected and taken care of to the last details. You know that you are getting a sink from us when its this well-made, fitting to your kitchen exactly the way you want it. 

With a huge fan base and thousands of customers, it’s safe to say that SingaporeBathroomAccessories Flush Mount Sink is a preferred choice for many homeowners.


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SGBTA Flush Mount Sinks

Quality Flush Mount Sinks @ affordable prices. Crafted for homeowners.

Clean and Hygienic

Modern Minimalism

Professionally Built

A sink that reduces kitchen clean-up time? That’s what flush mount sinks can do. A sleek and continuous surface leaves no room for any visible seams. This means no more digging out food crumbs and cleansing out dirt within the counter joints. How’s that for a win?

The epitome of modern design, these sinks never look more elegant. Flat surfaces give a classy look, whilst the lack of edges prevents any disruption to the harmonious appearance. Cabinets sometimes come without handles too. This is what happens when you combine design, aesthetic, and functionality altogether.

Built by teams of architects and designed by an award-winning team, our flush mount sinks will be firmly integrated into your kitchen countertop and remain there for the years to come.

3 Features of Flush Mount Sinks

These features are what makes flush mount sinks so unique, and also so popular in all these modern households.


A natural benefit to a flush mount sink. No bacteria nor germs can ever end up beneath the sink rim. 


Low Maintenance:

A quick swipe of the sink with a soft cloth is all you need. Your sink will come out gleaning, clean, and beautiful.



Built to last. You can look forward to years of enjoyment with our flush mount sink and worktops.

Flush Mount Sink Galleries

Take a look at how our flush mount sink fits into the bathroom or kitchens of our customers

Luxury Personified

It’s impossible to not feel like you’ve entered a 5-star hotel when you have these flush mount sinks right in your own home

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"Discover what it means to have award winning bathroom accessories in your very own home."

Experience what it feels like living in a 5-star hotel without paying for one. Convert your home into a luxurious living space with our award-winning bathroom accessories that comes to you at affordable prices.

40+ of our collections have been awarded the “Quality Bathroom Accessories" six times over the last nine years.

Years won: 2011, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2018, 2019


We are humbled and grateful to have won the love and trust of more than 100,000 Singaporeans over the years. Your faith in us inspire us to continue making quality products and delivering world-class service. It's the only way we can reciprocate all the love and trust that you have in us. 


We are experienced

We Have Over 10 Years of Experience in The Industry

More than just products, we understand that we are in the business of offering quality service. That means listening to your needs. 10 years of interacting with Singaporean customers have provided us with innumerable insights and perspective, and allowed us to find ways to continually  improve the quality of our products so that they can serve you better. It is with this spirit that is has allowed us to grow to become Singapore's most popular choice for Bathroom accessories.

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