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High Pressure Shower Head Singapore

There is no worse feeling in the world than getting into a shower stall and having to make every last drop of water count.

Whether you are visiting a family member during a holiday, stuck at a 5-star certified hotel, or simply just moved into a brand-new  apartment, finding out that the water pressure is lacking can be downright frustrating.

So, what can you do?

Not too much if you’re stuck in a hotel or someone else’s home. But when it comes to your own apartment, making the switch to a top-rated high pressure shower head can easily make a world of difference in cleanliness and comfort.

At SGBT Accessories, we offer a range of the best high pressure shower heads on the market that will help to turn around a dismal showering experience into something that is not only better performing, but will leave you wanting to stay in the shower longer.

The 3 Types of Shower Heads

Know the differences before getting them



Typical of any hotels, gyms, and homes, these shower heads are among the cheapest and most widely available. They are really easy to install and will work in just about any bathroom.



Costing a bit more than its fixed counterpart, dual shower heads are highly versatile. With a fixed option at the top and handheld shower head at the bottom, you can get the complete coverage on your body.



While the rainfall shower heads may look extremely relaxing and provide full and complete coverage, most of them have only a default spray setting. You could therefore be slightly limited to the type of washes you can do. 

Our Top Picks: High Pressure Shower Heads

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Ever felt like the shower pressure was better when you were a kid? 

Well, that’s because they actually were!

Prior to 1992, there were very little regulation that contributed towards water conservation efforts. In 1992 however, the United States passed 10 CFR 430.34. This water conservation act was set out to drastically reduce the amount of water that resident and commercial shower heads used during operation. This act has since been adopted in many other countries, Singapore included.

This ruling reduced the throughput from a hefty 5.5 GPM (gallons per minute) down to 2.5 GPM (a 55% decrease). To adhere to such regulations, manufacturers usually conduct one of the two popular methods: Using a restrictor valve or Have the opening to the shower head smaller in diameter.


Laminar-flow vs. Aerated

Which Is Best For You?

As you do your research on the best high pressure shower heads, you will notice that they come in two distinct buckets – either aerated or laminar-flow. Here’s the difference between the two:

Aerated Shower Heads – Infusing air into the stream of water, this type of shower head creates a high water pressure environment. With aerated shower heads, the water that comes out will be much more misty/broken in nature through the induction of air.

Therefore, if you like to get a single stream of water from your shower head to effectively clean certain areas and crevices of your body (i.e. your backside), an aerated shower head will be tougher to clean with since the water sprays.

Also, if you live in a warmer climate like us in Singapore, Aerated shower heads will give off an enormous amount of steam. While this could be good if you are constantly battling a dry cough, with such humid conditions, mildew or mould may be a concern with prolonged use.

Laminar-flow Shower Heads – When most people think of a standard shower head, they are likely thinking of one that is a laminar-flow.

This simply means that the water comes out in uniform streams.

Conversely to aerated shower heads, laminar-flow shower heads can work in any climate. This would of course be the ideal choice for those of us who lives in Singapore, which is renowned for having a more humid climate.

aerated shower heads will give off an enormous amount of steam. While this could be good if you are constantly battling a dry cough, with such humid conditions, mildew or mold may be a concern with prolonged use (source).

Therefore, we recommend aerated shower heads for those living in dryer climates only.


Installing and Maintaining Your High Pressure Shower Head

Whether you are in an apartment or a house, installing a shower head is easy to do yourself. While some come with the necessary tools to swap out the head, others may rely on you to bring the tools for the installation process.

All you need then are just two simple tools:

1. Teflon Tape
2. Wrench

Here is a short video outlining how to install a shower head:

Guide to choosing Shower Head Options

A good way to start would be by considering these 3 factors.



With bathroom fixtures, you typically have the following options of Gold, Nickel, Chrome, and Ceramic. Don’t worry if you have no idea. Just get one that closely matches the temperature handle or spout in your tub/stall.


As mentioned previously, would you prefer one with Laminar Flow, or a shower that is Aerated. Our suggestion to you is to opt for the Laminar one. It’s more suited for the temperature we have in Singapore.



The three different types, fixed, dual, and rainfall comes naturally with different pricing. Would you be willing to pay a bit more to have a beautiful shower head? Or would a functional basic one work just fine.