Bern Flush Mount Sink


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SingaporeBathroomAccessories® Bern Flush Mount Sink

  • SingaporeBathroomAccessories® sinks stand the test of time, developed through years of research and development
  • Setting a new industry standard with a Seamless & Beautiful Finish
  • Eliminates problems such as
    • Algae and mould growth
    • Water retention
    • Unhygenic hidden corners
    • Water seepages due to silicon tears
  • Elegance in design & attractive colours make it the perfect match for every living space concept
  • Widely exported to Asia, Europe, and US Markets


  • Outstanding ease of care
  • Unsurpassed scratch resistance
  • Heat-resistance up to 280°C
  • Stain-resistant
  • 100% non-fading even in direct sun


  • Nett Price. No GST. Free Delivery
  • Singapore Design & Technology


Bern Flush Mount Sink

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