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Most toilet paper holders are made from ceramic. It’s not difficult to see why. It is an incredibly durable material, and can last you for a long long time. You don’t have to worry about any incidental damage. It is sturdy and robust, and does not chip easily. Furthermore, you can easily paint it a different colour each time to fit your bathroom theme.

Great Look

Similarly chosen because of its durability, metal toilet paper holders are also one of the most popular. However, they offer a different look. instead, there is an assured confidence that comes with these holders that suggests a touch of class and sophistication. It is perfect for upscale houses, where the bathroom has already ben nicely renovated and decorated.


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Nicosia Toilet Paper Holder


SingaporeBathroomAccessories® Nicosia Toilet Paper Holder

  • SingaporeBathroomAccessories® paper holders stand the test of time
  • Built to resist daily scratches, corrosions, and tarnishing
  • Simple and generous design suitable for toilet, bathroom, kitchen styles
  • Intricate design makes paper roll changes easy
  • Elegance in design the perfect match for every bathroom concept
  • Widely exported to Asia, Europe, and US Markets


  • Rustproof & waterproof
  • Protect against corrosion
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Durable construction ensures a long service life


  • Nett Price. No GST. Free Delivery (with purchase above $300)
  • Singapore Design & Technology



What we OFFER

Classic and Timeless Toilet Paper Holders

Premium Quality

Classic toilet paper holders that stand the test of time. An accessory that serve a crucial function, it can also turn up the heat and be used as an aesthetic piece to beautify the room. You are guaranteed to like what you see. After all, our toilet paper holders are made to impress.


As one of the four most trusted brand in Singapore, we sell only bathroom accessories we would use ourselves. All our toilet paper holders undergo at leat 2 quality checks and 6 pilot testings. We are dedicated to providing bathroom accessories you can trust and rely on.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With more than 10 years in operation, we have grown to become the most trusted bathroom accessories brand in Singapore. Don't take it from us. Hear from some of the 9,000+ Singaporeans who have purchased from us within just the last six months.

What’s different about our toilet paper holders?

1. Freestanding

A 2-in-1 solution, this freestanding toilet holder allows you to store many rolls of toilet paper at once. This way, it also helps free up more space in the storage room. Not only that, but it solves a direct problem that many of you might encounter: when you enter the washroom, only to realise that the toilet roll has run out and its too late for you to do anything. 

Rather than hollering at your parents or siblings to pass you new rolls, this stand ensures that you’ll always never run out of toilet rolls. Never again will you find yourself in that awkward situation.

Besides, it is the easiest option available. Just unwrap the packaging and ta-da, it’s ready for immediate use. No installation or wall mount is necessary.

2. Wall-Mount

Perhaps the most common toilet paper holder, you probably have used this in your previous home. Many of them have in fact already been pre-installed in HDB homes.

The only requirement is that your toilet bowl has to be near a wall. This ensures that the holder can be properly mounted onto the wall. It allows you to reach it easily, and you’ll never have to overstretch yourself. 

These holders come in a variety of different colours and finishes. At SingaporeBathroomAccessories, we have a wide variety of options for you to choose from. Find the perfect one one that matches your overall bathroom design.

3. Suction Cup

This design is almost identical to the wall-mount, except that no installation is necessary. Whereas the wall-mount requires drilling some holes through the walls, the suction cup toilet roll holder is as simple as it sounds. It has a suction cup on the end, and all you have to do is to simply stick it onto the wall.

Of course, this also means that it is sometimes vulnerable to falling off the ball. However, all it needs is a quick fix, and by re-sticking it to the wall, you’ll be just fine.

This is ideal for homeowners who move a lot. If your residence change every so often, then this can be an ideal option. It’s portability means you can use it in all your new houses.


SGBTA Toilet Paper Holders

Quality Toilet Paper Holders @ affordable prices. Crafted for homeowners.




You may not have realised it, but there are several different variations to even the most simple toilet roll holder. The ones that you see most often usually come with a metal flap. This is to shield the toilet paper from the water, ensuring it is dry and usable.

Other alternative options are available too. For example, the novelty toilet roll holders adapt a fun and relaxed attitude. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and exploring how they actually hold the toilet paper can be quite a trip. For example, you may look at a giraffe-shaped toilet holder in puzzlement, only to realised that its long neck actually serve as the rack.

Of course, there are also pedestal ones. These types adopt a vintage and classic look, taking you straight back to Victorian times. If you have already adopted a classic theme for your bathroom, this kind of toilet roll holder is a must-have! 

3 Different Capacity Types

Did you know that there are three different kind of wall-mounted toilet roll holders?

Single Roll:

The most common option. It’s probably the one that you have in your previous residence. It takes up the least space, and serves its basic purpose: providing you with toilet paper. If you want one with a conventional shape and design, go for this.


Double Roll:

If you don’t want the awkward situation of running out of toilet roll, and yet refuses to use the freestanding holder, then this could be the perfect option for you. It can hold a backup toilet roll that will come in handy during times of emergency.


Multiple Roll:

Indeed, it may come as a surprise to you, but there are toilet paper holders that can support multiple rolls. Whilst not the most common choice, it is still an option you can consider. For the right bathrooms, this can be in fact an ideal choice.

Toilet Paper Holder Galleries

Take a look at how our toilet paper holders fit into the bathrooms of our customers

Luxury Personified

When you have a toilet paper holder as stunning as this, it’s not difficult to mistake yourself as living in a 5-star hotel. It’s that luxurious!

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"Discover what it means to have award winning bathroom accessories in your very own home."

Experience what it feels like living in a 5-star hotel without paying for one. Convert your home into a luxurious living space with our award-winning bathroom accessories that comes to you at affordable prices.

40+ of our collections have been awarded the “Quality Bathroom Accessories" six times over the last nine years.

Years won: 2011, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2018, 2019


We are humbled and grateful to have won the love and trust of more than 100,000 Singaporeans over the years. Your faith in us inspire us to continue making quality products and delivering world-class service. It's the only way we can reciprocate all the love and trust that you have in us. 


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We Have Over 10 Years of Experience in The Industry

More than just products, we understand that we are in the business of offering quality service. That means listening to your needs. 10 years of interacting with Singaporean customers have provided us with innumerable insights and perspective, and allowed us to find ways to continually  improve the quality of our products so that they can serve you better. It is with this spirit that is has allowed us to grow to become Singapore's most popular choice for Bathroom accessories.

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