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Case Study: Paris Prestige (by Emillia)

The Challenge:

1) Customised Bathtub model

2) Placement of Bathtub

3) Adjust for grounded Air-Con piping

Emillia and her husband dreamt of having an elegant bathtub to complement their newly-renovated bathroom. However, they knew next to nothing about choosing an ideal bathtub and did not know where to begin. Furthermore, it was difficult for them to imagine how the bathroom will look with a newly installed Bathtub. The biggest challenge, however, was the air-con piping that was along the floors of the bathroom. It took up significant space, and could potentially reduce the space available for the placement of bathtub. 

Emillia communicated these concerns to us as we spoke to her, and hoped that we could offer some solutions. 

The Solution: 

Initial Contact

If there was a mantra that runs throughout the team, it is that “no two customers have the exact same needs”. It is therefore important for us, to understand the motivations behind Emillia’s decision to purchase the bathtub.  This allows us to customize a bespoke bathtub model that can fully accommodate their desires. Therefore, we communicated extensively Emillia. 

In fact, Emillia first contacted us in mid-December and only made the decision to purchase in mid-April. Throughout the 4 months, Andy stayed close in contact with her and provided all the information she needed to make the best-informed decision, and it did not disappoint! 

Customised Bathtub

As Emillia wasn’t quite sure of the bathtub type she wanted, we clarified it with her by explaining the differences between Drop-in and Freestanding Bathtubs. We also went on to further explain about the price differences. Whereas Drop-in Bathtubs has a lower initial cost, it has a much steeper installation cost. Freestanding bathtubs, on the other hand has a higher initial cost, but the installation process is much simpler, and therefore, significantly cheaper than Drop-in Bathtubs’.

Placement of Bathtub

It was important for Emillia to be able to imagine how the bathtub will look like in her bathroom. We were able to find a previous portfolio that we have undertaken, that is similar to her circumstance. It was similarly a bathtub in a limited space bathroom. This provided her with greater peace of mind when deciding the model that she wanted.

Emillia’s Bathroom

Previous client’s Bathroom (Before)

Previous client’s Bathroom (After)

Air-Con Piping

Emillia sent us a picture of her bathroom, as seen below. On the right side of the bathroom, there is a piping that leads to the air-con. This could potentially impede the space available for the bathtub. Furthermore, it could also look rather unappealing aesthetically. When we were informed of this, we immediately contacted our manufacturing team to see if something could be done. 

In the end, we were able to open up a hole to cater specifically for the aircon pipes. This allowed for the bathtub to be pushed to the corner, utilizing all the space available. It also hides the aircon pipes from plain view, and allow the bathroom to be more aesthetically pleasing.

The Finalised Look

At the end of it all, we managed to customize the bathtub to fit exactly into Emillia’s bathroom. We were instantly delighted when we saw the pictures that she sent us, and we could sense her enthusiasm as well! This was, after all, why we continue doing this. To see the satisfaction of our clients when they receive their bespoke bathtubs.

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