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Chapter 6: How can I make my Bathtub my own, through customisation and extra features?

Having found the right bathtub and secured the knowledge to maintain it, what you really want to do now is make your bathtub your own.

By choosing to customize your bathtub, you can further differentiate your own bathtub from all the other tubs out there. Take it to the ‘next level’ and let your bathtub stand out by adding additional features. 

Since there are so many options available, you can literally do whatever you want with your bathtub!

Style and Colour

Essentially, most classic bathtubs are white, but there is still a wide variety of designs and shades to choose from other than the typical. You may want to follow a colour scheme for your bathtub and bathroom to look more cohesive, or if you trying to achieve the trendy minimalistic look, you can always stick with the varying tones of black and white. Perhaps you are going for a more modern take, you could choose a pop of colour for your bathtub to be the focal point and accent your bathroom. 

Leaf through magazines, portfolios, websites and other means to gain inspiration. Pinterest is great platform to get ideas from. This should be the part when you picture what kind of dream bathtub you would want in your home. You can also check in with your bathtub specialist for their recommendations and trust their expertise.


Finishing Material

The finishing materials for each bathtub can differ from the key material they are built from. Some suggestions would be to decorate the exterior of your bathtub with tiles, or even construct stonework to pair your bathtub.

You may stretch your imagination to however fancy you wish for the exterior of your bathtub to emulate, but be cautious to use high-quality adhesive in an environment subjected to humidity and dampness.

Image result for decorative tiling around bathtub


Extra Features & Add-Ons

Did you know that with the advancement in technology, we have continuously exceeded expectations to create something new and something better each time, and now we proudly label our bathtubs to be futuristic. Consider adding elements like lighting, music, aesthetic, extra functions etc, to elevate your bathtub experience to a whole new dimension!

Tub Lighting

There is always the option of adding underwater lighting to your bathtub. This combination of water and lights offers the user a therapeutic and relaxing experience, known as chromotherapy, which is a good stress reliever. 

bathtub lighting 1


If enjoy listening to music while relaxing in your bathtub, and have the budget for it, you can always tailor-make your bathtub to come with them. Alternatively, you can purchase a separate sound system to be placed into your bathroom to build a more pleasurable bath experience.

Make sure they are waterproof though, you wouldn’t want to have music-less bath time!

Related image

Faucets & Fixtures

While at it, why not change up the bathtub faucets, knobs, drains and other elements to match your brand new bathtub and give your bathroom a whole new refined aesthetic.

faucets and fixtures

Shelves & Storage

Think about how much space you would require to place your bath essentials like soaps, oils, candles, speakers etc. If it isn’t adequate, you may have come up with storage ideas or install more shelves. Or even better, you can opt for an adjustable bathtub rack to allow you to fully maximise your bathtub experience.

shelves and storage 2

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