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Choosing the right bathutb company

With all that wonderful insight you have just gained about bathtubs, now is the time to deliberate on where is the best place to get your very own bathtub. There are 8 different factors you should consider thoroughly before deciding which company/brand will be able to successfully deliver the perfect bathtub that will prove satisfactory.

Let us consider a few essential factors and delve into the importance of each one, to figure out which ones you prioritise the most. From there, we will be able to narrow down some options that will best suit your bathtub needs


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1. Sizing

The one thing that’s most important and impossible to deny is space limitation. You might have a change of mind when it comes to deciding the type, design, colour or material of your bathtub, but the size of the bathtub will always be fixed.

Your bathroom measurements often determine the maximum length of the kind of bathtub you can pick. Have in mind where your other bathroom fixtures and furniture would be placed. Allocate just enough allowance for the shifting of your bathtub (when moving it into the bathroom – refer to Chapter 1: Measurements & Preparations) and sufficient walking space.

If this means looking out for a small bathtub (<1400mm), then that’s what you should do. They may be tough to source but there are companies who do indeed provide these smaller measurements.

Standalone Kitchen and Bathtub Faucet Singapore
Standalone Kitchen and Bathtub Faucet Singapore

2. Bathtub Types

Being able to choose from a wide range of selection will do you a lot of good. Ideally, you want to get a bathtub that complements your bathroom design well, whilst also maximising whatever space you have. Take your time to explore all the available options.

During this process, feel free to explore different ideas and priorities. You will discover that certain notions you have towards towards the functionality of the bathtub may alter. For example. you previously might have wanted the bathtub simply for a deep soak, but now you think that topping-up a little more to upgrade to a jetted tub will instead enhance the experience but still serve its main purpose.


3. Pricing

Pricing… This one’s everyone’s worst enemy. But how can it become your friend instead of your foe?

It is not uncommon for you to have found a design you fancy, but you realise that the prices are not that likeable. On the other hand, while you may have found one within your budget, it may not live up to expectations.

Everyone has different priorities. What you want is to find a store that will be able to provide you with exactly what you need; a bathtub that sits in the range of your measurements, while being affordable and high-quality too.

Standalone Kitchen and Bathtub Faucet Singapore
Standalone Kitchen and Bathtub Faucet Singapore

4. Option for Customisation

If you’re looking to get a bathtub just to fill up the empty space in your bathroom, then a simple drop-in bathtub might suffice. However, more often than not, we all have our preferences when choosing a bathtub. Some of us looks for a particular shape and colour so it fits into the overall bathroom them. Others look for the functionality of the bathtub, whether it is able to provide them with a deep soak, or a relaxing Jacuzzi experience. HDB users especially, will be focused on the length of the bathtub, and whether it can fit into their bathroom. 

Whilst most retailers offer standardised bathtub models, do some research, and you might be lucky enough to find a retailer that offers you a various customisation options. From the shape and colour, to the size and features, you get to decide for yourself.

5. Consultation Process

A major deciding factor that one should carefully consider is the consultation process. What kind of people are you working with? Do they have the expertise, trustworthiness, and most importantly, likeability for you to entrust all your bathtub woes and concerns to?

Do they give you the assurance you are looking for by addressing your every need? Do they reach out to you and involve you every step of the way in the entire process?

The bathtub consultant should be able to answer your questions with no problems, and who above all, always put your needs first. Remember, your concerns are the priority, everything else comes next; they should know that.

Standalone Kitchen and Bathtub Faucet Singapore
Standalone Kitchen and Bathtub Faucet Singapore

6. Availability of Installation

Apart from purchasing your bathtub, you should also be aware of how the installation will be done, and who will it be done by. Do you already have an existing contractor whom you are working with on your current renovations, is there a trusted contractor that usually does your renovations for you, or do you need to source for one specifically to get the bathtub installation job done?

There are companies who provide bathtub installation together with the purchase of a bathtub, but bathtub installation is usually a separate matter from buying the bathtub. Of course, third-party contractors can be sourced by the bathtub company, so be sure to be make the right choice.

7. Delivery

Does the company you purchase your bathtub from offer free delivery services to your home’s doorstep, or do you have pay a small fee? Commonly, the delivery service is usually included when you purchase the bathtub so you don’t have to worry.

However, sometimes shops that offer bathtubs at lower prices exclude this service to save on costs, hence you might have to arrange your own transportation.

Standalone Kitchen and Bathtub Faucet Singapore
Standalone Kitchen and Bathtub Faucet Singapore

8. Lead Time

When looking for your bathtub, are you tight on schedule for your renovations or are you allowed to leisurely take your time in deciding the best fit bathtub for your bathroom? It is best to be sure of the deadlines you are working with, as you do not want to be behind schedule, nor do you want to rush into it. Have in mind the timeline of your other renovation works, so that your bathtub project does not cause unduly stress or unnecessary complications. Always check in with your contractor, designer and bathtub specialist ahead of schedule

The average time for companies to deliver your order will take about 6 – 8 weeks.

How do you want to choose your Bathtub?

The question isn’t necessarily can you afford to purchase from a reputable Bathtub company. It’s whether or not you can afford an unreliable one. As bathtub owners ourselves, we know the struggle to find the right bathtub company. The ones that exist in the rare middle ground between super high-end, where you’re really only paying for the brand name, and super low-end, which is not such a good decision long term. This was a process that we have spent the last decade constantly working on. And the bathtubs that we are proud to show you, are the culmination of our works. This is what we hope to offer you, a place to help shop for faucets with the best value.

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