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Jacuzzi Bathtub Singapore

How do active people keep up their exercise routines despite the stiff necks, back aches and muscle soreness? Why are some of the busiest people able to start each day seemingly refreshed and high-spirited? What allows these people to de-stress after a heavy day at work and come back reinvigorated the very next day?

Hydrotherapy might just be the answer to all that.

The Hydrotherapy Experience

Jacuzzi Bathtubs or Whirlpool Bathtubs are built with a great number of special features, from the aesthetic customised seats to the set of powerful water jet pumps. If you are suffering from rheumatism or any other muscles or joint pains, this is the very bathtub for you. Simply soak for several minutes in a Jacuzzi and you will begin to feel the effects of the water pressure on your sore joints and muscle groups. The settings are customisable and you can even programme your preferred settings to target the sore muscle areas.

A unique hydro-therapeutic experience is what awaits you in this multi-feature bathtub.

Why get a Jacuzzi bathtub?

Pain relief and relaxation

Jacuzzi offers various massage techniques to help unload tension from the muscles, tendons and joints

Improve blood circulation

Hydrostatic pressure from the water jets stimulates blood circulation and have significant benefits the functioning of the heart and lungs

Better sleep

Hot water and jets relax the muscles and unwinds the mind, preparing a person’s entire body and soul for quality sleep

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