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The key to small spaces and tiny corners, packed with the full experience.

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For Small Spaces


Are you frustrated that you can’t find a suitable bathtub to fit into your home? You don’t need to look any further. 

The dimensions we offer range from as small as 1000m, serving as the perfect solution to small bathroom space. Corner installation allows for easy-planning and space-saving efforts.

Get the Full Experience


Just imagine, after a long day’s work you come home ready to unwind, and there it is, waiting for you.

Sip champagne, bathe in rose petals and bubbles, amongst the wonderful scented candles and aromatic oils. You can now sit back, relax and enjoy all that the tub has to offer, even within the cosy space.  


Hear it First-Hand. Then See it to Believe it.

Wanted this model from the start. It was a blessing to get it in the length (1.1m) that I wanted. Exterior looks very clean and polished. Installation was rather simple and easy. Raymond | September 11, 2017

Felt like this was a great purchase overall. It was deep enough for me, and the back was actually comfortable. Bought this 1.3m bathtub and felt really relaxing in it (I’m 1.67m) Faith Lin | August 11, 2017

My bathroom is limited in terms of space. Was looking for a bathtub that could accommodate the limitations, and finally found this after searching the whole of singapore for it. Thankful for the customisation service that they provided. Melissa | June 17, 2018

Sleek. Stylish. Small. 

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Small Space? Huge Problem?


Have you ever encountered problems when it comes to your bathroom, and racked your brains to try and solve it?

Problem #1: HDB Home

“I’ve always wanted a bathtub in my home, but it’s such an impossible feat since I’m living in a HDB and my bathroom is pretty small.”

This was how we helped Vanessa realise her dreams.

Was just playing with the idea of a bathtub and wasn’t too serious since our bathroom was quite small. However, was quite surprised with the variety of small bathtubs SingaporeBathtubs have. Would recommend to others! Vanessa Tan


Small, cozy bathtubs is the perfect solution to a small bathroom, allowing you to enjoy a deep relaxing in your very own home.

Problem #2: Elderly & Small Children


“I’m afraid that having a bathtub at home will be impractical, as I have elderly and small children at home. I might never have the chance to do so, if it endangers their safety.”

Facing the same issue as Diana? Here’s how we helped her.

Was looking for a semi-sitting bathtub. The additional level allows the elderly in my family to use this bathtub in a safe manner, which I like a lot. Diana Peck


Simple & Safe

A small bathtub does not need to have too many complications. Allowing the owner the privilege of a classic soak is what it does best. The simple layout & non-slip bathtub interface, also provides assurance for the safety of loved ones. 

Problem #3: Bathtub Design Woes


“Ugh! Why does my bathtub not match my bathroom one bit? Also, should I still opt for a bathtub since my bathroom has already been designed?”

Design-savvy Ping Hui had a tough time looking for a bathtub to suit her idea of a perfect bathroom. That was until we stepped in to help. 

I chose the black exterior over the white one, because I felt that it would fit in nicely with my entire bathroom’s design. Speaking to the really helpful sales manager helped affirm this decision. Installation was really easy as well. Highly recommend these customisable bathtubs. I had a great experience purchasing from them online. Ping Hui


Don’t fret. With highly customisable length that goes as low as 1100mm, these bathtubs will allow you to have your own soaking haven, without sparing effort on its sleek design.

Make your friends green with envy, whilst customizing to your heart’s content. 


Now Everyone

Can Feel Like



Who says that you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

Even with its small exterior, you can still feel like a King or Queen and make your bathtub your own.


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Make Your Home Your Haven.

What are you waiting for?  Take the leap.

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