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(95 customer reviews)

AUDREY® Prestige Bathtub | Classic Look | Simple & Elegant | Best-selling Tub | HDB Favourite

(95 customer reviews)

Product Details


  • Freestanding installation – easy to plan your bathroom’s space.
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Extra deep, full-body soak
  • Premium quality elicits simplicity and elegance
  • Ergonomic design forms to the body’s shape for ultimate comfort
  • Contemporary design coordinates perfectly with latest décor trends
  • Safe for bathing salts and aromatic oils for a deep, relaxing soak.

DESCRIPTION:         Audrey Prestige is inspired by the hard edges and lines of modern architecture. The asymmetrical shape is clean and geometric, lending a beautiful minimalist, yet updated, feel to the modern bathroom. Built to last and always warm to the touch, these tubs are a perfect place to melt away tension and stress, leaving you refreshed, recharged and renewed.






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Built-in Faucet


No Whirlpool


95 reviews for AUDREY® Prestige Bathtub | Classic Look | Simple & Elegant | Best-selling Tub | HDB Favourite

Based on 95 reviews
Showing 62 of 95 reviews (5 star). See all 95 reviews
  1. Phua Jing Ting

    Looks really delightful in my bathroom. The white of the bathtub really stands out to make it look glossy and modern. Now I can’t wait to soak in it every night!

    Image #1 from Phua Jing Ting
  2. Wong Li Yuan

    Still undergoing some renovations, but managed to get the Audrey Prestige bathtub into the bathroom. Really pleasantly surprised at the reflective surface of the bathtub. Nice contrast between this and the darker background. Would definitely recommend SingaporeBathtubs if you need any bathtubs at all. They can customise the dimensions for you, as they did for me!

  3. Elaine Sim

    Simple. Affordable. Top quality. I think those are the words that I have in mind when it comes to SingaporeBathtubs. First time buying from them but would definitely recommend them again if anyone asks! Such fantastic service and help from Andy as well.

    Image #1 from Elaine Sim
  4. Genie Thia

    Good depth of bathtub. Allows me to soak in the water completely. Loved the service staff as well!

    Image #1 from Genie Thia
  5. Thia San Yi

    Picked the classy white option for a polished look and it fits perfectly. Really satisfied with this purchase!

  6. Quek Wei Jie

    Great bathtub. Just nice for what we wanted. Fits our price range well too.

  7. Gary Lee

    So glad that we didn’t have to spend more money to remove the glass shower screen. Andy knew about the potential problems we might encounter, and helped advise us on the delivery process such that it was able to fit into the allocated space without much problems. Thank you so much!

    Image #1 from Gary Lee
    Image #2 from Gary Lee
  8. Phoebe Quek

    White bathtub fits the overall feel of the bathroom. Clean and nice.

  9. Neo Kai Xin

    The bathtub arrived yesterday, and got it set up soon after. Took these pictures and I’m really impressed. Pretty nice.

  10. Philip Li

    I was actually pleasantly surprised at the quality of the bathtub. It was really made of top acrylic materials, and you can tell by its appearance and the feel of the bathtub.

  11. Wendy Teo

    Thought of getting a bright coloured bathtub, and Andy (the staff) helped me with the whole customisation process. It was really much easier than I thought, and the bathtub looks so beautiful. I would definitely recommend SingaporeBathtubs to anyone who is thinking of getting a new bathtub.

    Image #1 from Wendy Teo
  12. Antonin Chua

    Really really loved this bathtub. Sleek and classy and fits the whole style I am going for perfectly. Andy was a real pleasure to speak with, and he was so helpful in recommendation. Wasn’t pushy or anything. Would recommend this to anyone looking to add a permanent fixture into their bathroom.

  13. Ong Li Ying

    Looks really beautiful in our bathroom. Haven’t tried it but the material is really fine quality.

  14. Jeremy Tan

    Needed a long simple bathtub for soak and this was it! Really pleasant service from the team!

  15. Cheng Teng Meng

    Large and spacious. Happy with this purchase. Thank you Andy for helping me along the way

  16. Paul Choy

    My bathroom is a bit cramped, and we weren’t originally considering a bathtub. But we reconsidered when we saw that SingaporeBathtubs was able to customise for a smaller length. Ended up getting one from them and it was a pleasant experience, though purely online. Like how my bathroom look now with the latest edition.

    Image #1 from Paul Choy
  17. Molly Ng

    My family loves the bathtub. It fits into the sleek and modern feel that we wanted.

  18. Rose han

    I wanted a modern contemporary look for my bathroom, and the white sleek nature of the Audrey bathtub complimented it perfectly!

  19. Vanessa Teoh

    Beautiful bathtub! Took a lot of convincing before we decided to go ahead with an online purchase, but really increases the confidence we have in this company. Arrived without any damage. Bathtub looks to be of great quality as well.

  20. Loh Jing Ling

    Wide long bathtub, great for a comfortable soak!

  21. Cora Emily

    Tried on a 1.6m Audrey tub in their showroom, was deep and spacious as compare to some similar design in other shops. Like the clean classic look .

  22. Phillip Soh

    Had a shower area with a shower screen and consulted with Andy if it was possible to get the bathtub inside without any removal. He provided a house visit free of charge, and gave me all the advice I needed to make a decision. Decided to go ahead with the purchase and I don’t regret it one bit.

  23. Matthew Ng

    So excited to have just received this bathtub. Andy came for a house visit to help take the measurements and advise on the length of bathtub and this was the result. A perfect fit. Thanks Andy!

  24. Mr Ong

    Simple and nice .Fast delivery. Happy with our purchase

  25. Peter Fong

    I had my doubts when first approaching this company, but they were so helpful. After I visited their showroom, which looks absolutely delightful, they even came down to my house because I wasn’t able to take a great video of my bathroom. After having a look and taking the measurements, they advised the model and length of the bathtub, but left the final decision up to me. I was really happy to go along with what they suggested, and now I have this beautiful bathtub in my bathroom. Thank you so much for making all of this happen. Would definitely recommend any who wishes to get a top quality bathtub from SingaporeBathtubs!

    Image #1 from Peter Fong
  26. Soh Rui Ling

    Thanks Andy for the customisation service. Manage to get the black bathtub to fit into my bathroom, just like howe we talked about it.

  27. Gerome Ma

    Was looking for a dark bathtub for quite a while and finally found it with SingaporeBathtubs. Great service from the team. Really meant what they say when they promise personalisation of the bathtub.

  28. Gisele Tan

    Such a beautiful, classy, and modern-looking bathtub. I would definitely recommend SingaporeBathtubs. In fact, me and my husband went to 6 different outlets in Singapore, but eventually chose SingaporeBathtubs due to their transparency, high quality service, and great showroom. They are in my opinion the best choice I could have made, and the right one.

  29. Sabrina

    Able to inquire and try out all display bathtub models, give professional advise and discussion. Unlike some shops and online retailer that does not provide such services. Happy to buy a 1.4m Audrey Prestige from them. Recommended !!

    Image #1 from Sabrina
  30. Priscilla Yeo

    Modern looking bathtub. Andy was extremely kind and helpful in helping me pick a bathtub. Did consider a few other retailers, but SingaporeBathtub really won my confidence. Ended up buying from them and am still really glad I made this decision.

    Image #1 from Priscilla Yeo
  31. Ibrahim

    Andy was very helpful, provide us with many bathtub information and advise. Came over for a free site visit and give tub recommendation. He was profession and not pushy. Thank You

  32. Huda Alem

    Staffs from Singaporebathtubs are very patient and helpful. Manage to customise me with a bathtub to fit inside the sunken bath area. Well done !!

    Image #1 from Huda Alem
  33. Ryan Fang

    I have a long but narrow bathroom, but have been wanting to get a bathtub for a long while. Andy recommended a few models, and the Audrey Prestige caught my eye. Decided to get it after consulting with him!

    Image #1 from Ryan Fang
  34. Poh Wei Ern

    Ordered it and got it within a month. Faster than any other outlets I checked out and really helpful service from Andy as well! 🙂

  35. Fiona Wee

    Loving the polished look of the exterior. Has a shiny and reflective surface.

    Image #1 from Fiona Wee
  36. Jeffrey Ivey

    Posting this reviews late but we were looking for a beautiful standalone bathtub and this was it. Thanks team!

  37. Joanne Ee

    Decided to go with the exterior being black to complement a black-white feel of my bathroom. Really efficient service. Really affordable for the quality that the bathtub comes in.

    Image #1 from Joanne Ee
  38. Raymond Fang

    After years of just the shower, decided to give the bathtub a try. Didn’t regret the decision as I’m really enjoying my soak every day now. Also, it looks really nice.

  39. Yan Xin Yi

    Finally decided to get a bathtub, which was something me and my family wanted when we moved to a new house. With a large space, we are able to get a bigger bathtub. Our whole family loves the experience!

  40. Jack London

    Needed this for an exhibition and got it from SGBT. They were thoroughly professional, and the bathtub looks amazing!

    Image #1 from Jack London
  41. Winnie Mok

    Originally wanted to get the white bathtub, but decided to go for a bit more style and chose the red one instead. Loved SGBT for allowing us to customise the colour of the bathtub, as well as the length!

    Image #1 from Winnie Mok
  42. Benjamin Poh

    Got it installed beside the master bedroom just last week, and have been using it ever since. Comfortable and nice. I’m looking forward to a soak every night now.

    Image #1 from Benjamin Poh
  43. Quek Li Ting

    My husband and I decided to get the black version of the Audrey model. Love the way it looks. Nice contrast to the white exterior wall!

    Image #1 from Quek Li Ting
  44. Fang Yu Fang

    Just did up the flooring so I thought I would take a photo with it to show hahaha. Really appreciate Andy and his entire team for all the help and support we got, through the selection, delivery and installation process. Know that we appreciate it!

    Image #1 from Fang Yu Fang
  45. Keithlee

    Unlike other thick border tub, i like the slim and stylish finishing. Thanks Andy for providing free site visit and advise.

  46. Tracy Tsui

    Considered quite a few options, including Inovo but was eventually put off by their hostile service and suspicious pricing structure. SingaporeBathtubs meanwhile, was really great at explaining the different bathtub models and types, and even had a beautiful showroom for me to visit. Andy was particularly awesome in helping me make a decision. Would definitely recommend them over any other brands in Singapore.

    Image #1 from Tracy Tsui
  47. Marlizza

    Due to some miscommunication via my ID, was given short time frame for Andy upon ordering the bathtub. Andy was helpful to expedite the delivery and follow up throughout the process.

    Image #1 from Marlizza
  48. Agnes

    Everything work great for me. Thanks to Andy and team.

  49. Terence Khoo

    Black exterior and white interior was exactly what I wanted. The team really delivered on their custom-made promise. Thank you so much!

    Image #1 from Terence Khoo
  50. Leong Wei Ling

    Fits nicely into my shower area. Andy was so helpful, and came down to visit to take the measurements, and reassured me that it will be able to fit the space.

  51. Sabrina

    This is what I have long waited. Bright and classic bathtub.

    Image #1 from Sabrina
  52. Timothy Neo

    Had my bathroom renovated and the bathroom was the final missing piece. When it arrive, we spent some time moving it from the entrance to the bathroom. And then finally, everything worked out. I must thank Andy for his patience when dealing with my deadlines. He was so accommodating and patient with all that I asked of him.

    Image #1 from Timothy Neo
  53. Sun Wei Ming

    Much larger than I imagine it to be. My family and I have been using it for quite a while. It’s really quite spacious and comfortable

    Image #1 from Sun Wei Ming
  54. Pang

    2nd purchased, very satisfied with the quality and service.
    Recommended retailer.

    Image #1 from Pang
  55. Ong Hui Ling

    Wasn’t intending to get a bathtub originally, as we were afraid there was no space. Enquired for fun at the start, and was surprised that they had customisation options. Andy was so helpful throughout the entire process, and we felt confident enough to purchase online, after all the pictures he showed us. And now we got it into our bathroom, and it looks even better than some of the photos that he previously showed. Thanks for everything Andy! I would definitely recommend anyone who is seeking for a bathtub to approach them. I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that fits your need!

  56. Leow Jin Heng

    Really liked this model and chose it based on the reviews that were written on it. Didn’t disappoint at all. Would definitely recommend SingaporeBathtubs! 🙂

    Image #1 from Leow Jin Heng
  57. Jazlyn Oh

    Didnt’ expect too much from the bathtub, given that it was at such an affordable price. Was therefore pleasantly surprised at the material. High quality and glossy. Really nice. Thank you!

    Image #1 from Jazlyn Oh
  58. Faith Quek

    Really affordable and nice looking bathtub.

    Image #1 from Faith Quek
  59. Mohammad

    Delivery was fast. Yet to install as renovation work still on-going.

    Image #1 from Mohammad
  60. Charton

    Elegance and ergonomic tub, my wife love it.

  61. Amy

    They have ready stocks available. Arrange delivery and installation within a week. Excellent service provided.

    Image #1 from Amy
    Image #2 from Amy
  62. Quinn

    Have did some research and comparison , found Singaporebathtubs have got the most spacious interior regardless whether the rectangular or oval shape tub. Good buy !

    Image #1 from Quinn
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AUDREY® Prestige Bathtub | Classic Look | Simple & Elegant | Best-selling Tub | HDB Favourite

(95 customer reviews)

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