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Bath Bombs Subscription

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Remember the last time you had a massage at the parlour?

Remember how breezy and floaty you felt?

How all your muscles seem to relaxed all at once?

The way all your troubles and worries melted away?

What if someone told you that you could have that experience again? Only this time, you don’t have to pay a single cent. Or even get out of your house. You could do this anytime you want, as and when you like.

That’s what you get when you bring bath bombs into your bathing experience. They are the final touches in creating a super relaxing bathroom experience.

Close your eyes, and breathe in the natural scent of the bath bombs. You’ll be brought to your happy place. A place where there’s no stress and no worries. Only a rich comforting sensation that relaxes your entire body and your entire mind. Open your eyes, and now you see that the bathtub has indeed transformed into a magical place. The colours have all dissolved into the water. Your bathtub is now a magical mix of different vibrant colours.



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Bath Bombs Subscription

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