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(68 customer reviews)

BEATRIX® Prestige Bathtub | Freestanding | Classic Beauty | HDB Tubs

(68 customer reviews)

Product Details



  • Freestanding installation – easy to plan your bathroom’s space.
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Extra deep, full-body soak
  • Premium quality elicits simplicity and elegance
  • Ergonomic design forms to the body’s shape for ultimate comfort
  • Contemporary design coordinates perfectly with latest décor trends
  • Safe for bathing salts and aromatic oils for a deep, relaxing soak.



Beatrix Prestige is inspired by the hard edges and lines of modern architecture. The asymmetrical shape is clean and geometric, lending a beautiful minimalist, yet updated, feel to the modern bathroom. Built to last and always warm to the touch, these tubs are a perfect place to melt away tension and stress, leaving you refreshed, recharged and renewed







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Built-in Faucet



No Whirlpool


68 reviews for BEATRIX® Prestige Bathtub | Freestanding | Classic Beauty | HDB Tubs

Based on 68 reviews
  1. Brandon Loh

    Open room concept. Had it placed beside my bed and it looks fine

  2. Faith Lin

    Felt like this was a great purchase overall. It was deep enough for me, and the back was actually comfortable. Bought this 1.3m bathtub and felt really relaxing in it (I’m 1.67m)

    Image #1 from Faith Lin
  3. Naomi Foo

    Very easy to order with SingaporeBathtubs just because they were excellent throughout. Got the bathtub delivered to me yesterday and it looks so great.

    Image #1 from Naomi Foo
  4. Michael Ang

    Just had it installed recently. Simple, elegant and fashionable. I like it a lot.

  5. Nigel Boh

    The staff were really friendly and helpful, and gave me advice every step of the way and helped me choose and design a bathtub that I am really happy with.

    Image #1 from Nigel Boh
  6. Trae Poon

    Really simple design but so good and so functional. Thank you Andy for helping out with the customisation of this bathtub.

    Image #1 from Trae Poon
  7. Tristan

    Satisfied with the bathtub. Had it installed and filled with water. Everything is in good order.

  8. Thia Ming Jie

    Looks so classy in the bathroom.

  9. Steve Tan

    Andy recommended this for a black and white design for my bathroom and I would say it turned out pretty well

  10. Tiffany Seah

    Customised the width so that it doesn’t exceed the length where my toilet bowl is. Also got it in black colour. Really appreciate the customisation service that SingaporeBathtubs delivers.

  11. Phua Hock Seng

    Compact bathtub just right to fit into the space in my bathroom.

  12. Riley Soh

    Got it customised to a black bathtub

    Image #1 from Riley Soh
  13. Raymond

    Wanted this model from the start. It was a blessing to get it in the length (1.1m) that I wanted. Exterior looks very clean and polished. Installation was rather simple and easy. Would have been great if it has a 1.05m model, but this’ll do just fine.

    Image #1 from Raymond
  14. Marie Angela

    My husband and I have been shopping around in Singapore for bathtubs for the last few months. Shortlisted down to Hoe Kee and SingaporeBathtubs, and after discussing with the staff, decided the SingaporeBathtubs was the right one for me. They were consummate professionals, and very kind as well, giving us a lot of helpful tips and advice along the way. Definitely recommend to anyone out there looking for a new bathtub for their new home, just like we were.
    P.S. Inovo was really awful. Their website looks decent, but the staff were really rude, and they had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. Also, my husband and I, after doing some research, are pretty sure that they are not made from Germany as they claim, and are in fact absolutely rubbish.

    Image #1 from Marie Angela
  15. Scott Li

    Came to SingaporeBathtubs since I had a small bathroom and needed a small tub. Andy recommended one that was just nice for my bathroom after coming down for a site visit. He was really helpful and appreciate his help all the way!

  16. Brendon

    Felt happy with this purchase. The dimensions were a great fit for personally, who is 176 cm in height. I could lie down comfortably in this bathtub.

  17. Desmond Soh

    Complements the whole look of my bathtub so well. Happy!

    Image #1 from Desmond Soh
  18. Poh Xin Ren

    The black and white colour scheme fits into my bathroom colours perfectly. Loved the fact that they allow colour customisation, which I chose the outside to be black.

  19. Ng Pei Ling

    Bought a large bathtub and was not disappointed. Able to lie in it fully and its wide enough for me to use a plank and put my phone on it. Really nice.

    Image #1 from Ng Pei Ling
  20. Clara Fong

    Sleek looking bathtub. Good acrylic materials as well.

  21. Hazel Loke

    Clean looking bathtub. Arrived in good condition as well.

  22. Grigory

    Thanks Andy for helping to get me a bathtub just in time before my wife travels back. A surprise present for my wife birthday.

    Image #1 from Grigory
  23. Steven Kee

    Nice look. Wanted to customise it for Red and Andy helped me with it.

    Image #1 from Steven Kee
  24. Jeremy Jiang

    Really thankful for having Andy come down to my house for site visit. He was able to recommend the proper dimensions for the bathtub, and it was nice fit in the bathroom.

  25. Avalon Ingram

    Thankful to Andy and staff , provide great help from inquires to complete installation.

  26. Travis Kong

    Great fitting for my bathroom. Had some initial problems trying to move the bathtub but eventually managed to get it to where it is supposed to be

  27. Philip Neo

    Customised the bathtub to a red colour. Exactly what me and my family wanted. Thank you Andy for helping with this whole measurement and customisation. Really appreciate it. Something that other bathtub companies did not offer when I was looking around.

    Image #1 from Philip Neo
  28. Lee Han Sheng

    Visited few shops but still not sure what tub to get until we came to Singaporebathtubs. I was hesitant at first, but after contacting the staff and discussing with them, I gained a lot of confidence. They were really helpful and friendly, and not pushy with the purchase, making sure I had what I wanted before getting me to commit. Really appreciate their assistance, and I like the bathtub that I have customised for myself.

    Image #1 from Lee Han Sheng
  29. Laura

    Installation was really simple and easy. Service was great throughout. Bathtub looks really great in my bathroom.

    Image #1 from Laura
  30. melissa

    As can be seen, my bathroom is limited in terms of space. Was looking for a bathtub that could accommodate the limitations, and finally found this after searching the whole of singapore for it. Thankful for the customisation service that they provided.

  31. Natasha Koh

    Clean and simple white look, which was really all that I needed. Delivery took a bit longer than expected

  32. Lisa Neo

    Beautiful white polished bathtub. Blends in to my bathroom color.

  33. Marcus

    Very happy with this bathtub! Looks elegant and stylish. Installation was very simple. Service was on point, as the manager answered any question and helped me a lot in choosing the right bathtub.

  34. Abigail Peck

    Customised the bathtub to be black colour. Wanted to give a contrast to my bathroom. Like the way everything looks in the bathroom now

    Image #1 from Abigail Peck
  35. David Yee

    Andy was extremely helpful, but the external contractor was not very pleasant to deal with. However, bathtub does look a great fit in my bathroom.

  36. Elizabeth Hoon

    Exact fitting to the area that I wanted the bathtub to be. Kudos to SingaporeBathtubs for helping with that.

    Image #1 from Elizabeth Hoon
  37. Zheng Li Han

    Decided to go for the bold look of red. It was a bit darker than expected. However, the sizing fits nicely and Andy was a great help throughout

    Image #1 from Zheng Li Han
  38. Winston Tan

    Felt that this was a good quality bathtub. Easy installation

    Image #1 from Winston Tan
  39. Nicolas

    This tub was love at first sight. Nice soaking tub with extra deep bathing brings comfort and bliss.

  40. Gary Khim

    Despite the rectangular shape, its actually quite comfortable for a soak. Content with this purchase.

    Image #1 from Gary Khim
  41. Liting

    Got a contractor friend to help install this bathtub. Like the smooth, white exterior.

  42. B.Fritschy

    Delivery was prompt and the tub was well received.

    Image #1 from B.Fritschy
  43. Swasti

    Clean sleek look. Has the appearance of more expensive one piece tub.

  44. Patrick Wu

    Glad that I went with SingaporeBathtubs. They knew what they were doing, and gave me great advice in terms of which bathtub best fits into my bathroom.

  45. Vanessa Goh

    Was looking for a standalone bathtub that’s right beside the master bed room. Beatrix was a great solution to what we were looking for.

  46. Ping Hui

    I chose the black exterior over the white one, because I felt that it would fit in nicely with my entire bathroom’s design. Speaking to the really helpful sales manager helped affirm this decision. Installation was really easy as well. Highly recommend these customisable bathtubs. I had a great experience purchasing from them online.

  47. Min Liang

    Sizing was great. Took this picture whilst renovation was still going on to show the fitting it had with my walls.

    Image #1 from Min Liang
  48. Duncan Tan

    Customised the bathtub to be noir black. Love the result because the faucets that we bought were also of the black colour.

    Image #1 from Duncan Tan
  49. Sofia

    Customise exactly to fit inside the space. Thanks Andy and Jarvis for the great job.

  50. Trisha

    This was a lot more spacious that I thought it to be. Enjoyed this purchase. Thank you! 🙂

  51. Goh Jun Han

    Had some initial trouble to get it past the screen shower, but its a delightful fit. Thankful for Andy’s effort in helping out throughout.

  52. Anthony Lin

    Some small issues with the moving of the bathtub. Managed to get it in the bathroom in the end without major problems.

  53. Christina G

    Happy with the customisation. 1.5m black/white tub. Thanks Andy for the assistant.

  54. Travis

    We had been struggling about the dimensions until we found this website. It allowed for size customisation, and whilst delivery time was a little longer, it was worth the wait. This now fits into my bathroom nicely.

    Image #1 from Travis
  55. Aloysius

    Appreciate their team work. Coordinate well with my ID and get things well done.

    Image #1 from Aloysius
  56. Li Wei Yeo

    Spacious tub, can submerge full body. Love it so much

  57. Lam Kit Yee

    Heeded the sales manager’s advice of purchasing a 1.2m bathtub. He was highly-pleasant throughout and helped resolved a lot of questions I had. This was a lot more spacious than I thought. The drainage pipe needed a few
    adjustments before we could direct it smoothly to the drain but it was no major problem. Satisfied with this purchase!

  58. Noel Ng

    Looks really nice in my bathroom. Love the black red contrast. Thanks for the customisation!

  59. Madeline Lee

    Opted for the noir black option. Took longer than expected to arrive but otherwise was in good condition

  60. Paul Leong

    Excellent bathtub. Andy was so helpful when it comes to answering all my questions about the bathtub. Gave me lots of helpful advice about the dimensions and sizing of the bathtub.

  61. Luther

    Delivery time was slightly longer that I had expected but the person-in-charge was really helpful in trying to hasten the delivery process.. Product finally arrived and I had just got it installed. Looks and feels great. It would be good if the delivery was a bit faster, but otherwise, this was a great purchasing experience.

  62. Guo Xian

    Had to really fit this bathtub in a narrow space, and this worked perfectly. Thankful for the availability of customised sizing.

  63. Guo Ming Wen

    Modern bathtub. Came at a really affordable price, so I was surprised at the quality of the bathtub when I received it last Tuesday. Seems to be made of great acrylic material.

  64. Grace Ong

    Great customisation by the company. Andy really help to ensure that the bathtub is able to fit.

  65. Fiona Wong

    Nice bathtub from SingaporeBathtubs. Andy and his team was really great in helping select the model with the right dimensions.

  66. Flora Poh

    Affordable good bathtub

  67. Sidney

    First of all, I must say that the product is of really great quality. However, the delivery time could have been a bit faster. It held me up for a while, and I had to delay some plans. Product did finally arrived, and the quality and aesthetics of it was excellent. I just wish that delivery could have been improved. Service was otherwise great and helpful.

  68. Alex

    Decided to purchase this after shopping around quite a bit. It looks great after installation, and fits nicely with my bathroom’s dimension. Product quality is good!

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BEATRIX® Prestige Bathtub | Freestanding | Classic Beauty | HDB Tubs

(68 customer reviews)

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