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EVERLYN® Whirlpool Bathtub

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Just imagine the sensation when you dip your entire body into this simple yet fashionably elegant whirlpool bathtub. Within this deep tub, Everlyn Whirlpool is a set of superior hydro-massage jets specially designed for targeting the user’s pressure points to give a therapeutic soothing effect with a modern touch of sophistication. This product will make you feel renewed and refreshed.

Acrylic massage bathtubs are a cost-effective way to give your bathroom a uniquely beautiful touch. A bathtub is no longer just a piece of cast iron metal thrown into a bathroom by a builder, but a little shining spotlight.

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EVERLYN® Whirlpool Bathtub

(61 customer reviews)

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    61 reviews for EVERLYN® Whirlpool Bathtub

    Based on 61 reviews
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    1. Brandon Yeo

      Andy helped me a lot through the entire buying process, sending me pictures of previous portfolios.

    2. Vanessa Tan

      Happy with how this turn out. Was just playing with the ideal of bathtub and wasn’t too serious since our bathroom was quite small. However, was quite surprised with the variety of small bathtubs SingaporeBathtubs have, and Andy was very helpful in giving me useful advice. Would recommend to others!

    3. Sandra Loh

      Needed a corner bathtub. This was recommended by Andy. I like the looks of it.

    4. Jaiming

      Renovation work delayed, luckily Andy help to expedite the delivery and i was able to move in as schedule. Thanks Andy !

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      Image #1 from Jaiming
    5. Fiona Wee

      Haha had a picture of my nephew playing with the bathtub when we first tried it out. Really nice and spacious.

    6. Vera Chin

      I like the curved portion of the bathtub. It’s really nice, and quite reflective. Have been so excited about this new addition to our bathroom!

    7. Mindy Tan

      Was hesitant at first, because it was a purchase made entirely online. It came through in the end, and I’m loving it.

    8. Claire Wee

      Works great for the small corner area we have. Fast delivery

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      Image #1 from Claire Wee
    9. Jasmine Lee

      Clean nice look. Comfortable to soak in as well

    10. Leslie Loh

      Bathtub came a while back but only had the chance to post up the review. Have been enjoying the bathtub. It’s much bigger than it looks.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Leslie Loh
    11. Vanessa Goh

      Very smooth purchase, delivery, and installation process. Happy with the service that SingaporeBathtubs has provided.

    12. Chan Yan Ting

      Managed to get the dimensions all correct with the help of Andy. Was able to fully utilise the space that’s available between the wall and the toilet bowl. Am really happy with this!

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      Image #1 from Chan Yan Ting
    13. Lim Ke Ru

      A very clean and nice look. Even comes with the anti-slip floor, which is really useful as we have elderly in the house.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Lim Ke Ru
    14. Andrew Ng

      My wife and I were very impressed with the workmanship and quality of the bathtub. It really is top quality materials.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Andrew Ng
    15. Letitia Chen

      Really like this fitting for my small bathroom. Enjoyed using it.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Letitia Chen
    16. Shirly Sim

      Good quality, good customer service. Recommended for those looking for a bathtub.

    17. Praven

      Perfect Tub for couple or kids. With anti-slip feature . Powerful massage jets.

    18. Ang Rui Ling

      Thank you to the team for a wonderful job. Left the installation process to them as well and they did a fantastic job. I have to commend them on their professionalism. Thank you!!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Ang Rui Ling
    19. Lam YL

      Bigger than expected. Can fit both of us comfortably. Great help from Andy.

    20. Derrick T

      Andy was helpful, provide professional advice and well coordinate with my ID. Thanks

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Derrick T
      Image #2 from Derrick T
    21. Tom Chan

      Visited many shops which only provide Fixed design.
      Singaporebathtubs was great with their customisable service. Allow us with option to customise tub size, colour, add-on number of jets and faucet etc. Strongly recommended !!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Tom Chan
    22. Grace Wu

      Their staff was super pleasant, and was really helpful. Great service, which ultimately led to me trusting their advice and purchasing from them!

    23. Germaine Ng

      Fits into the corner of my bathroom really nicely. Thank you for the team for delivering this bathtub!

    24. Anant Bauhl

      Tub is gorgeous! Great price and looks expensive! Internal space was roomy then those we have shopped around.
      Recommended !!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Anant Bauhl
    25. Yvonne Chan

      Quality is really good. Much better than I had thought. Bought this online and was a bit suspicious at the start, but it was as good as advertised. Highly recommend the team, especially Andy who was just so pleasant in helping give useful advice throughout. Thank you!

    26. Mazni

      Simple and elegance look, just great for our bathroom

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Mazni
    27. Jessie

      Happy with the purchased, reasonable price and great service provided by the staff.

    28. Ignatious

      Finally got a jacuzzi bathtub with help from staff. Strong massage jets.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Ignatious
    29. Sim Jun Ning

      Have tried the bathtub over the last few days and it’s really such a nice relaxing feeling. The jacuzzi jets are just amazing!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Sim Jun Ning
    30. Hazel Liu

      It took us a while to find something hat could fit into our bathroom. We needed something that was less rectangular in shape and more squarish, and this bathtub seems to be exactly what we wanted.

    31. Michael Tee

      Bigger than I thought it was. Looks small but quite spacious.

    32. Janet

      Appreciate them for helping to delay the bathtub delivery due to COVID interruption. Well received and installation was great.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Janet
    33. Phoebe Ow

      Nice sizing. Fit my bathroom perfectly.

    34. Sammy Goh

      Provided with free site survey and recommendation.
      Well fit and great look. Happy !!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Sammy Goh
    35. Randy Oh

      Was planning to go for the traditional rectangular shaped bathtub, until I chanced upon this. Andy recommended this to me as well, and it turned out very well for my bathroom.

    36. Koh

      Excellent service from Andy ! Provide professional advice , able to try the tub for comfortability in their showroom. Customise tub size and features accordingly to our requirements. Provide great support and advise to my contractor on the installation.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Koh
    37. Laura Ho

      I didn’t expect to buy the jacuzzi function at first, but after reading a bit more and finding information about it, I decided to go ahead with it and was pleasant surprised. The jets were really strong and powerful, and it feels really good on the body to use it. Will definitely recommend the jacuzzi function to others!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Laura Ho
    38. Fuj

      Bathtub looks really classy and price is reasonable. Fits into the bathroom perfectly. Love the look of it. Andy was really pleasant throughout, helping to expedite the process whenever he could.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Fuj
    39. Ravi

      I have a large bathroom space and was wondering which bathtub would be a good fit. Consulted Andy and he provided a free house visit. We discussed over the next few weeks, and I was happy to go with his recommendation of the Everlyn model. It turned out to be a really good choice, and I loved it. Although encounter some issue but was resolve immediately.
      It’s just so comfortable.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Ravi
      Image #2 from Ravi
    40. Jasmine

      We have been looking around for a bathtub, and went to stores like Hoe Kee and Sim Siang Choon. However, their service was extremely unpleasant. My husband was the one who found SingaporeBathtubs, and we were at first hesitant to buy. However, having looked at the photos from their past clients and visited to their showroom, we were very impressed. I’m so happy to say that the bathtub came in fantastic condition, and I could have recommend them more to my friends. The bathtub looks really good, and the customisation really helped me on a lot of other things as I was simultaneously doing my bathroom renovation.

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      Image #1 from Jasmine
    41. Wei Ling

      My wife and kids love it so much.

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      Image #1 from Wei Ling
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