(79 customer reviews)

GRACE® PRESTIGE | Freestanding | Acrylic | Best-Selling HDB Tub

(79 customer reviews)

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Grace Prestige is inspired by the hard edges and lines of modern architecture. The symmetrical shape is clean and geometric, lending a beautiful minimalist, yet updated, feel to the modern bathroom. Built to last and always warm to the touch, these tubs are a perfect place to melt away tension and stress, leaving you refreshed, recharged and renewed


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GRACE® PRESTIGE | Freestanding | Acrylic | Best-Selling HDB Tub

(79 customer reviews)

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    79 reviews for GRACE® PRESTIGE | Freestanding | Acrylic | Best-Selling HDB Tub

    Based on 79 reviews
    1. Wesley Kang

      Small 1m bathtub. Nice for our family.

    2. Liena

      Black and white classic match. Enjoy my bathing time.

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      Image #1 from Liena
    3. Wendy Chia

      Small bathtub for my small bathroom. Exactly what we wanted.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Wendy Chia
    4. Derrick Ng

      Functional bathtub. Good condition.

    5. Jason Neo

      Andy and team was super helpful in helping customise the bathtub.

    6. Quentin Richardson

      Such perfect fitting into the bathroom. Got it customised to 1400mm after Andy came for a house visit and spend some time consulting with us to find which model and size fits us. He was such a professional. Would definitely recommend him! Super patient super helpful. Bathtub is really good and cheap for its quality as well.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Quentin Richardson
    7. Grace Wong

      Simple but perfect . Enjoying my bathe time.

    8. Peter

      Very beautiful tub. My wife and kids really love it.

    9. Mandy Loh

      The service is excellent and the product is wonderful. Really so thankful for Andy and the team. I mentioned to him about not wanting the piping to be revealed, and wondered if there was anything we could do about it. He was able to help arrange for the slot to be cut through the bathtub, to allow for what you now see in the pictures. Excellent excellent service! Without a doubt will recommend them to anyone looking for a bathtub in the future!!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Mandy Loh
    10. Mano

      Was searching for a very long period of time until i contacted Andy. Cant believe that he manage to customize me such a small and odd size tub and fit nicely into the space. Appreciate for his effort.

    11. Wong Ming Wu

      Height of the bathtub was great, allowing the tap to fill up the bathtub. Andy was really helpful when I asked him about the dimensions, delivery time, and the different models. Would recommend.

    12. Zach Low

      Like the white color that complements the walls of my bathroom nicely.

    13. Franklin Pang

      Thank you for the bathtub and the installation was really simple. Didn’t really expect everything to go as smoothly as it did. All credit goes to Andy for helping out in literally everything along the way!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Franklin Pang
    14. Khalib

      Andy was helpful, provide all needed info and advice. Excellent Staff

    15. Chan Wen Qi

      Beautiful! The photo doesn’t really do it justice, but we love how it looks like in our bathroom. Really white and shiny actually.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Chan Wen Qi
    16. Anthony

      Very deep and spacious tub. Worth buying.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Anthony
      Image #2 from Anthony
    17. Chan

      Received early than expected. Yet to install.

    18. Jacqueline

      Have only space of 1.4m wall length, was worrying the tub couldn’t fit my hubby of height of 1.8m. Andy recommended me the Grace Prestige and it really workout for him. Sitting comfortably and enjoying his bath. Well Appreciate.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Jacqueline
    19. Patricia Gan

      Went to their showroom and decided to get the Grace model because it was the most space-efficient for our bathroom. Turns out to be a really good decision, as we didn’t realise how deep it was and soaking it in just feels so wonderful.

    20. Florence Ang

      Installation process was much simpler than I expected it to be. Bathtub arrive in good condition.

    21. Michael

      Very spacious and roomy. I am 1.76m tall and able to fit comfortably . Enjoying every soak bath i have.

    22. Alex Colin

      Very promising. Able to expedited and delivered less than 3 weeks. Completed my renovation in time. Strongly recommended.

    23. Koh

      Received as per describe, nice white tub. Installed immediately upon HIP completion.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Koh
    24. NaNa

      Simple and spacious. Thanks to Andy and Jarvis for the assistant.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from NaNa
    25. Trisha Peh

      The bathtub was so polish and smooth. A great clean look. Absolutely loving it.

    26. Chua Han Sheng

      Small 1.2m bathtub just to fit behind the glass door.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Chua Han Sheng
    27. samy

      Last minute purchase for our renovation plan. They have ready stocks and manage to deliver within 2 days after order confirmation. Received in good condition.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from samy
    28. Andrea Ee

      Height was just what I wanted. Able to enjoy both a shower and a soak now.

    29. Xavier Lur

      Happy that we managed to find a bathtub that can fit into our shower space. Had thought that we need to remove the glass panel but turns out we don’t!

    30. Koh Jian Lin

      Got Andy’s help when he came down and personally helped measured the size of our bathroom. Took his advice and everything worked out really well.

    31. Donny W

      Was worried as wall to wall measurement abit odd. Andy advise for a site survey for confirmed dimensions and end customised me with a nice fit tub. So grateful.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Donny W
    32. Xander Liu

      I wanted to get the bathtub permanently fixed in the position, and Andy brought with him his team of contractors to help out with the silicon. Appreciate the effort, Andy!

    33. Caleb Liu

      Wanted a sitting bathtub and SingaporeBathtubs was able to customise it for me. Really happy because I couldn’t find this anywhere else. Thanks to Andy!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Caleb Liu
    34. Jasmine Leong

      Good bathtub for the price range

    35. Jen Ooi

      Perfect bathtub for our bathroom. Deeper than I expected, which is really great for when I need a soak.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Jen Ooi
    36. Xie Hui Ming

      Clean white bathtub to put in the black bathroom. Really nice.

    37. Rosie Han

      A bit of delay in the bathtub delivery but everything was fixed. Communication with Andy was helpful.

    38. Keshia

      Was recommended by Andy at their showroom. Spacious for a 1400mm tub. Fits well for my big size hubby.

    39. Eleanor Yeo

      White bathtub. Went ahead with purchase after visiting their showroom.

    40. Jolene Mok

      Simple bathtub for a lovely evening soak.

    41. Jenelle Lim

      Offered with free seat customisation. Reasonable price and good quality product.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Jenelle Lim
    42. Lavenia

      It arrived in good condition. Very clean, sleek modern look.

    43. Lira Toh

      Visited few shops and after comparison, noted the Singaporebathtubs have the widest inner space and leg length.
      Good decision, turns out really well tho!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Lira Toh
    44. Cheng Yi Ting

      Great simple functional bathtub for our bathroom.

    45. Timothy Tay

      Small enough to fit into the showerscreen area. Andy was nice enough to come down for a site visit to help measure the size to customise it to. Appreciate it a lot!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Timothy Tay
      Image #2 from Timothy Tay
    46. Melody Yap

      Specially requested to get a seat made in the bathtub and I was surprised that SingaporeBathtubs actually agreed. Happy with the end-result 🙂

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Melody Yap
    47. Kat

      Recommended by a friend for their excellent service and product. Andy helped me upgrade from plastic bathtub to a highly visual tub. Will also recommend to friends who wish to fulfil their bathtub dream. Thanks

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Kat
      Image #2 from Kat
      Image #3 from Kat
    48. Ryan Yao

      Originally wanted a Japanese bathtub for a deep soak, but came across Grace bathtub and realised that it was really deep as well and really quite good for a deep soak. Have soaked in it quite a few times in the past week and I must admit, it was much much better than I thought. Holds the heat in really well as well.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Ryan Yao
      Image #2 from Ryan Yao
    49. Lau Wen Hao

      Piping works were easy to understand. Installation was really simple. Thank you for this customised bathtub!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Lau Wen Hao
    50. Indah Mesh

      Delivery was fast. Reasonable price.

    51. Neo Hui Ling

      Appreciate the whole team for helping me get this bathtub into my bathroom. Was originally worried given how small my bathroom is, and this company being based online, but they were so helpful and even provided a house visit!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Neo Hui Ling
      Image #2 from Neo Hui Ling
    52. joel cheong

      Good and helpful. Good price also.

    53. Kelly

      Great quality. Happy with both items .

    54. Amien

      Clean look, cant believe a 1.4m tub is so spacious and deep. Delightful !

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Amien
    55. Elaine

      Staff Andy was very patient and answer all my queries without fail. Happy with my bathtub purchased and also their services. Strongly recommended.

    56. Felicia Ling

      Can’t believe how precise the customisation is. It was the exact dimensions that could fit into my bathroom space. Impressed with SingaporeBathtubs and their attention to detail.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Felicia Ling
    57. Melissa Lam

      Just amazing. Was looking for a bathtub with a seat for the our little ones at home. Saw that SingaporeBathtubs was able to do it and approach them. Indeed, this was what they managed to come up with. Really impressed with them.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Melissa Lam
    58. Fuad Aziz

      Staffs are friendly and helpful. Provide free site visits and consultation, also well entertain when we visit their showroom.

    59. Priyashi

      Bought the wooden board as an add-on. Able to now read in the bathroom.

    60. Lye Yi Lin

      We were looking for a small bathtub that doesn’t take up too much space, so that we can have the option of choosing to either shower or take a bath each time. This was the perfect bathtub for us.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Lye Yi Lin
    61. Elaine Goh

      All-white bathroom. hahaha love how it blends together with all my other bathroom accessories! Thumbs up to the whole team for making this happen

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Elaine Goh
    62. Sim Chun Weng

      More glossy than I thought. Manage to look classy and yet is super comfortable for a deep soak.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Sim Chun Weng
    63. Dexter Neo

      Wanted to get a long and deep bathtub to accompany my showerhead. SingaporeBathtubs managed to deliver. Really happy with them, and especially Andy, who was so great everytime we liaised with him.

    64. Afiq

      This is a definitely great tub for me. Have got numerous compliments. Thanks to Andy and team.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Afiq
    65. Jean

      This tub is small but very roomy, excellent buy !!

    66. James

      Provided free site visit and recommended options for selection. Not pushy and helpful.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from James
    67. Cindy Ong

      Thank you for the customisation. SingaporeBathtubs was able to help get the bathtub to match my bathroom size.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Cindy Ong
    68. Leon

      Classic finishing. Appreciate and happy with the customisation.

    69. Serena Oh

      Just uncrated the bathtub and was excited enough tot take a picture of it. Haven’t got it to my bathroom yet, which we will in the next days. Thanks for this bathtub!

    70. Jason Hong

      Needed a small and compact bathtub and this was the one for us

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Jason Hong
    71. Priscilla

      Friendly Staff. Not pushy for order confirmation. Happy with the purchase.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Priscilla
    72. Hazel

      Yet to installed but it arrived safe and sound. The tub seems solid.

    73. Tee Yi Jian

      Customised the bathtub to black surface. Thank you team.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Tee Yi Jian
    74. Seah Yi Qing

      Great bathtub. Andy was really great with his recommendations, and we were really satisfied with this bathtub when it got delivered to us. He came to our house to help us with the measurements too.

    75. Aw Li Ting

      Comfortable and warm. Retains heat really well, which helps me to enjoy the soak, which I am now doing every evening. It’s simple but really beautiful as well.

    76. Jeremy Toh

      Wanted a glossy surface and was glad that Andy was able to help me customise it.

    77. Foo Xue Ning

      Simple but bright bathtub. Like it. Good quality

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Foo Xue Ning
    78. Kenneth Pang

      Sleek bathtub. Really appreciate Andy’s effort in helping customise this.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Kenneth Pang
    79. Chars

      Great customisation with the odd dimensions we have. Thanks team for the great job. Strongly recommended !

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Chars
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