(19 customer reviews)

Jewel® Prestige Bathtub | Freestanding | Acrylic | Whirlpool, Air + Water Jets Available

(19 customer reviews)

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Bathe in beauty with this classically designed bath. Revealing traditional, elegant lines, the Jewel Prestige bath offers modern-world appeal in a sleek silhouette. Lumbar supports and armrests invite you to lean back and relax, with the textured flooring providing sure footing.


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Alcove, Freestanding





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Built-in Faucet

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No Whirlpool, Whirlpool (Air Jets), Whirlpool (Water Jets), Whirlpool (Air Jets + Water Jets)

Jewel® Prestige Bathtub | Freestanding | Acrylic | Whirlpool, Air + Water Jets Available

(19 customer reviews)

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    19 reviews for Jewel® Prestige Bathtub | Freestanding | Acrylic | Whirlpool, Air + Water Jets Available

    Based on 19 reviews
    1. Joel Li

      Arrived in good condition. Took a while to uncrate and move into the bathroom.

    2. Jay Loh

      Fits well into my bathroom. A bit small but that’s the best I could do with a small bathroom.

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      Image #1 from Jay Loh
    3. Ma Ting Kai

      Liking how it slots into the corner of my bathtub effortlessly. Thank you SingaporeBathtubs for customising this bathtub for me!

    4. Chew Ming Kai

      Love the look of it. The air jets are really powerful and relaxing. However, lead time was slightly long. Not recommended for those who needs it urgently.

    5. Jessica Yu

      Delivery was a bit longer than expected but bathtub was good.

    6. Damian goh

      Andy was such a great help. Was readily available whenever I had questions, and helped me choose this bathtub, that turns out to be a great fit.

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      Image #1 from Damian goh
    7. Neo Li Wen

      Appreciate Andy for taking his time to help me out with choosing a bathtub. Was my first time making such an expensive purchase without a physical store, but it went smoothly.

    8. Cheng Jia Le

      Lead time was longer than expected. Needed it urgently to finish up my bathroom renovation project. However, it finally arrived. Tried it a few times already and I must say that the air jets was really nice and relaxing.

    9. Au Liu Jin

      Small. Compact. Fantastic service staff.

    10. Darren Lee

      I was debating whether to get a bathtub or not, since it normally would take up a lot of space. But the model Andy recommended saved me a lot of space

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      Image #1 from Darren Lee
    11. Andrew Leng

      The jacuzzi function was what I was looking for. Couldn’t find any models that could allow me to customise the length until I came to Singaporebathtubs!

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      Image #1 from Andrew Leng
      Image #2 from Andrew Leng
    12. Valen Chin

      Really nice soak. It’s long and spacious enough for me to get into the tub and fully immerse into the water.

    13. Frank Lim

      This was what I was looking for. A bathtub that is small and compact enough to be put in my small bathroom

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      Image #1 from Frank Lim
    14. Tan Bing Tian

      Blends it well with my bathroom. Like it a lot. Would highly recommend their service and products to others, due to the customisation options

    15. Trisha Lim

      really loved how this turns out. The glossy white really blended well with my bathroom. Had a lot of help from Andy, who was really approachable and friendly throughout the process. He was not-pushy at all, and allowed me to take my time to make this purchase. Ended up really loving this buy!

    16. Charles Liu

      Just small enough to get into my bathroom. Enjoyed soaking in it!

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      Image #1 from Charles Liu
    17. Kok Kai Cong

      Finally got it installed in my bathroom. Really love the looks of it. Must commend Andy for his excellent service.

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      Image #1 from Kok Kai Cong
    18. Alicia Chia

      Bought this from them. Like how they allowed for customisation. Really solve the problem of getting a bathtub for my small bathroom.

    19. Goh Ming Li

      Just nice. Fits into the inner area of my bathroom

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