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London Prestige

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London Prestige is inspired by the hard edges and lines of modern architecture. The asymmetrical shape is clean and geometric, lending a beautiful minimalist, yet updated, feel to the modern bathroom. Built to last and always warm to the touch, these tubs are a perfect place to melt away tension and stress, leaving you refreshed, recharged and renewed

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London Prestige

(68 customer reviews)

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    68 reviews for London Prestige

    Based on 68 reviews
    1. Andrew Toh

      This looks fabulous! The whole shape and color of the bathtub is amazing. Fits into the overall color scheme just about perfectly. Have taken a few soaks inside and it’s really nice and comfortable too. Would highly recommend SingpaoreBathtubs for anyone looking to get a luxurious bathtub!

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      Image #1 from Andrew Toh
    2. Floral Teo

      Modern looking bathtub. Makes for not only a beautiful bathtub, but also a very good soak.

    3. ShiMing

      Many thanks to Andy and his team for the excellent support and service provided.
      Manage to get what we are looking for.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from ShiMing
    4. Woo Xin Le

      Andy was really super helpful when I asked him for advice and help, and it was his professionalism that persuaded me eventually to go with SingaporeBathtubs.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Woo Xin Le
    5. Nancy Tay

      We didn’t originally wanted to get a bathtub as we thought it would be too tight a fit. However, we consulted with Andy and he said that our bathroom was actually larger than most, and that the London model would be great for us. After discussing with the family for a while, we decided to go ahead with it. We have not regretted the decision since!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Nancy Tay
      Image #2 from Nancy Tay
    6. Phillip Toh

      Really long. Allows me to soak my entire body in it!

    7. Deborah

      Appreciate Andy for the customisation, fit nicely into the slot.

    8. Arugam

      Classic and spacious. Good buy.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Arugam
    9. Yap Xue Jing

      Considered quite a bit of different brands when we first decided to buy bathtub. However, after personally visiting each of them, SingaporeBathtubs was the one that we were really impressed by. Not only was the price really reasonable for the quality that they offer, every single member who was working there was just so friendly and kind, and was more than helpful in providing advice and guidance. Andy was the one who impressed me the most and I am more than happy to recommend them to anyone who is looking to get a bathtub.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Yap Xue Jing
    10. Dominique

      High-gloss finish, adding elegance to my bathroom design.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Dominique
    11. Tan Yi De

      Just arrived this morning. It’s large enough to take up the space of my already quite large bathroom.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Tan Yi De
    12. Priscilla Chan

      Was more spacious that I had expected.

    13. Daryl

      Appreciate Andy for helping to arrange from ordering, delivery and installation arrangement.

    14. Vanessa Liu

      Good looking bathtub. Nicely fits into the corner of my bathroom 🙂

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Vanessa Liu
    15. Jesse Cheng

      Sleek and beautiful bathtub. fantastic service and help from Andy

    16. David Dharesh

      Great experience for first timer who wish to purchase bathtub. Staff provide excellent product explanation and advices. Try to customise to our needs and requirements. Really glad to have found SingaporeBathtubs. Strongly recommended.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from David Dharesh
    17. Raynor Li

      Bathtub is very very beautiful!! Has the clean, sleek and polished look that I was expecting. Have to especially thank the team at SingaporeBathtubs for making this happen!!!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Raynor Li
    18. Daniel Ng

      Delivery was fast. Andy provided a lot of info for reference and great service. Thanks

    19. Subramaniam

      Nicely fit.
      Very spacious and comfortable. Happy !!

    20. Michelle

      Outcome was great, credit to Andy for his professional advise and recommendation.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Michelle
    21. Michelle Woo

      Large and spacious. Love the unconventional shape of the bathtub. Thank you for customising this for me!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Michelle Woo
    22. Diana Loh

      We had a larger bathroom, so we wanted to get a bathtub that could allows us to soak deeply in and is comfortable. Saw the London and really wanted to get it. It turned out really good for us!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Diana Loh
    23. Nabeelah

      Highly recommend Singaporebathtubs for their product quality and their staffs attitudes.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Nabeelah
    24. Jayati

      Nice matching colour. Something special.
      Thanks staff Andy for the support.

    25. Cheng Rui Ling

      So thankful for Andy. Wanted to go for a size smaller, but he came to my house and help provide measurements and advice, as I really wanted the biggest bathtub possible. It fits into my bathroom nicely.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Cheng Rui Ling
    26. Lim Lian Li

      Fabulous soaking and spacious tub

    27. Mandy Ang

      Thank you for the customisation. Made me and my husband’s day when we received the bathtub yesterday.

    28. Han Cheng Wei

      Clean look. Really helps to bring out the classiness of the bathtub just by its simple, glossy surface. It really does look amazing, and it’s large enough for me to soak comfortably, unlike any of the previous bathtubs I had.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Han Cheng Wei
    29. Nancy

      Very supportive staffs. Thanks You

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Nancy
    30. Andrea Sng

      Simple and modern looking bathtub. Just what me and my husband wanted after discussing.

    31. Lee Rong Jie

      Thank you for helping me customise the bathtub. It was really awesome how they are able to help customise the size of the bathtub to fit my bathroom. As you can see in the picture, it turns out to be the exact fit. Can’t recommend SingaporeBathtubs enough for their professionalism in doing things.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Lee Rong Jie
    32. Jackson Neo

      Not only does it look ravishing, it is also deep enough to make for a nice warm soak. Helps me to destress after a long day at work.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Jackson Neo
    33. Priscilla Lai

      Nice shape and nice color. Just like the way I want it. Really nice

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Priscilla Lai
    34. Shahida

      Happy with the bathtub quality and finishing.

    35. Tong Swee Cheng

      Just received the bathtub yesterday. Will get it installed again in the next days.

    36. Alex Ong

      Received the bathtub a few days ago, and have been soaking in it every night since. It’s really large and spacious, and retains heat really well. Made of top quality materials, I must say. Really impressed. Thank you Andy and SingaporeBathtubs!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Alex Ong
    37. Felicia Woo

      Excellent excellent bathtub. Really so beautiful and elegant, even more so than I originally thought. I was first attracted to this bathtub as I was browsing through the list of bathtubs they had, and London caught my eye with its unique shape. Was in fact really skeptical about purchasing online at first. However, my husband and I spent some time browsing through the reviews, and after talking to Andy, who was absolutely fantastic, we went ahead to purchase the bathtub. It finally arrived yesterday morning, and I was really surprised. It was even MORE BEAUTIFUL than I had originally thought! It just looks so so beautiful and amazing. I cannot say more about the quality of the bathtub!! Definitely going to recommend to my friends, and basically anyone who is looking to add a stunning bathtub to their homes!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Felicia Woo
    38. Daniel Ng

      Andy provided a lot of info for reference and great service. Thanks

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Daniel Ng
    39. Gordon Lim

      Just got it installed into my bathroom. Thank you Andy for helping me choose the bathtub and with the customisation process. You made it much more simpler and hassle-free than I originally thought it would be. Really highly recommend them for your bathtub purchases! 10/10

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Gordon Lim
    40. Graham Poh

      Loving this bathtub so so much! I was first attracted to it when I was looking through the different bathtubs they offer, and the special unique shape of London drew my attention. I was a bit reluctant to order online at first, wanting to at least see a sample of it, but having seen so many previous photos, and having talked to Andy, I decided to go ahead and trust them. AND THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT. It looks so beautiful and I cannot speak enough about the service that they provide. Will definitely recommend them to my friends and others who are looking for a beautiful bathtub to add to their bathroom!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Graham Poh
      Image #2 from Graham Poh
    41. Jeevan

      Very affordable and expensive looks . Good size for a smaller bathroom.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Jeevan
    42. Sun Wei Kai

      Manage to get this into my bathroom. Just nice fit. Awesome!

    43. Shahram

      The shape is unique and I think so much nicer than a typical rectangular type. Worth buying

    44. Khim Peng Han

      This was just nice for my bathroom. Had some trouble moving it in initially, but finally got it to work. Like the way it looks

    45. Aaron Wiltshire

      Had to get the bathtub for a gallery show. Approached SingaporeBathtubs and Andy was simply amazing. He was so friendly whilst being so professional at the same time, and provided us with so much help to choose a bathtub that could best capture the essence in our gallery. Thanks Andy!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Aaron Wiltshire
      Image #2 from Aaron Wiltshire
    46. Kelsey Ong

      I am pleasantly surprised at how this turned out in my bathroom. I was slightly hesitant at first, but seeing the reviews and past portfolio that Andy showed me gave me greater confidence. Turned out to be a really fantastic bathtub. Thank you for the customisation efforts of the team!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Kelsey Ong
    47. Lin Zhi Hao

      Just got a new house and wanted to do something special with my bathroom. It was a bit small, so it was only by chance that I managed to come across SingaporeBathtubs and knew the availability of their smaller bathtubs. It fits into my bathroom now nicely.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Lin Zhi Hao
    48. Swati Nura

      After visiting many shops, found Singaporebathtubs was excel on the quality and finishing. Customer service was also great. Happy with my purchased.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Swati Nura
    49. Ophelius Quek

      Spacious, modern, classy. Impressive bathtub, Have been soaking in it almost every day now.

    50. Muhammad

      Happy with the purchase.

    51. Yvonne Low

      Can’t compliment Andy enough for his amazing attitude and positive service. Really helped us so much, and even though we took quite a bit to make a decision, he was always keen to help. The bathtub arrived a few days ago, and it looks just amazing. Thanks so much, Andy!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Yvonne Low
    52. Foo Xin Hao

      Just had it delivered. Haven’t got it properly installed but I really love it. Caught my attention since I visited the showroom and this was the beautiful centrepiece in the store.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Foo Xin Hao
    53. Francis Poh

      Elegant and classy look. That was what I was going for with my bathroom and this bathtub is a perfect centrepiece for it. Am loving it right now!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Francis Poh
    54. Kennedy Liu

      Spacious and Large. I can enjoy a deep soak in this bathtub

    55. Dylon Goh

      Great!!!! Bathtub was delivered yesterday and the contractor helped to fix everything up. Manage to get it through the glass doors, and this is how it looks now. My whole family love it. It’s the kind of bathtub we have been looking for. Very special. Not the usual rectangular kind of bathtub.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Dylon Goh
    56. [email protected]

      Went for the black bathtub to add a different look. Thank you so much for helping me customise the bathtub! 🙂

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from veraloo@gmail.com
    57. Bao Qin

      Enjoying every bath time now. Should have get it earlier.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Bao Qin
    58. Kamila

      Bathtub quality is good

    59. Jayden Mok

      Able to customised my bathtub exterior to a different color. Thank you for the customisation!

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Jayden Mok
    60. Roshini

      Perfect match, reasonable price. Worth buying.

    61. Tresya Chan

      Finally manage to find my coloured tub @SingaporeBathtubs !
      Was looking around for weeks through many shops but couldn’t find any. Great quality and finishing.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Tresya Chan
    62. Teo Si Kai

      Wanted to commend on the whole team, especially Andy for being so good in helping us make a decision. Appreciate the customisation for the size to fit into our bathroom.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Teo Si Kai
    63. Liz Tan

      Andy provided a house visit and really helped to maximised the space we have in our bathroom. As can see from the picture, it fits into the space very nicely.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Liz Tan
    64. Jensen Guo

      Got the exact red model as the one that I saw in their showroom and I love it. It came exactly as I saw it and imagined it to be.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Jensen Guo
    65. Natasha

      Nice design, appreciate Andy for providing advises and also make installation arrangement.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Natasha
      Image #2 from Natasha
    66. Kelvin Chia

      Delightful bathtub. Makes for a really grand centerpiece. Andy was such a professional and lovely person, and helped us so much when we were considering the different models.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Kelvin Chia
    67. Jeevan

      Very affordable and expensive looks . Good size for a smaller bathroom.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Jeevan
    68. Jason Ang

      Had been searching for this model and colour for a long time, but couldn’t find it elsewhere. Andy came down to help me take measurements for customisation, and was really helpful throughout. Couldn’t recommend them more! Great service and great product.

      Uploaded image(s):

      Image #1 from Jason Ang
      Image #2 from Jason Ang
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