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Sydney Prestige

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Bathe in beauty with this classically designed bath. Revealing traditional, elegant lines, the Sydney Prestige bath offers modern-world appeal in a sleek silhouette. Lumbar supports and armrests invite you to lean back and relax, with the textured flooring providing sure footing.


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Sydney Prestige

(16 customer reviews)

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    16 reviews for Sydney Prestige

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    1. Kurando

      Good value for the money. Nothing better.

      Image #1 from Kurando
    2. Kabanovs

      Customized with the built in mixer set. Happy with the finishing.

      Image #1 from Kabanovs
      Image #2 from Kabanovs
    3. Hidayat

      Super Fast delivery, received in less than 3 weeks time. The bathtub arrived in great condition and is very clean.

      Image #1 from Hidayat
    4. Lee HK

      This is the bathtub that i looking for quite sometimes. Bought at promotion price. Happy !!!

      Image #1 from Lee HK
    5. Tracy Tan

      Like the color. The white looks better in real life. Great contrast to my dark bathroom.

      Image #1 from Tracy Tan
    6. Jacelyn

      Love this tub so much. Deep and spacious with a sense of luxury

      Image #1 from Jacelyn
    7. Dotsenko

      Referred by a friend who bought a bathtub and bathroom accessories from them. Reasonable pricing and quality was good.

      Image #1 from Dotsenko
    8. Stephenie

      Worth buying for such a Designer Bathtub . Good quality and just perfect.

      Image #1 from Stephenie
    9. Lee Ning Shuang

      Great customisability. Able to fit into my small bathroom.

      Image #1 from Lee Ning Shuang
    10. Ang Yi Ru

      Long bathtub. Enough for me to soak my entire body in.

      Image #1 from Ang Yi Ru
    11. Sarimah

      I love the interesting boat shape, very pretty and transitional in design.

      Image #1 from Sarimah
    12. Susan Heng

      Great help from Andy. Provided me with adequate information and options on selecting my bathtub. Highly recommended for his service.

      Image #1 from Susan Heng
    13. Theo Rainer

      Love the look of it. Really classy and elegant. Really enjoying this bathtub.

      Image #1 from Theo Rainer
    14. Tan Yu Shi

      Finally got it for my bathroom. Nice fit

      Image #1 from Tan Yu Shi
    15. Noboru Ohira

      Love the curvature design. Lean back and backrest was great. Worth the price.

      Image #1 from Noboru Ohira
      Image #2 from Noboru Ohira
    16. Wendy Chua

      Got a freestanding faucet, and don’t regret it. Gives the whole bathroom a really classy look. Love it. Andy was really friendly and helpful as well.

      Image #1 from Wendy Chua
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