Tubble 1600 – Tubble

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Apart from fitting in your bathroom, this bathtub has been designed to be completely portable. Pack it up, take it outside with you, to your holiday home, to a friend's place – simply anywhere you can image! Limited space is no trouble with a Tubble – it is an inflatable, moveable, bath time, engineered to replace the need for a hard bath. This bath has been engineered for your comfort and for complete flexibility within your home. Made out of extra thick 6-layered PVC, it has a soft, air-filled bottom which makes it comfortable during use  Extra touches like the ergonomic headrest and a handy cup holder ensures you can read, savour a refreshing drink, or simply soak away muscle pain for as long as you like. There's even a zip up cover to keep the water temperature warmer for longer

Tubble 1600 – Tubble

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