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Showroom Gallery

It can be difficult to gauge how different a 1100mm bathtub is from a 1800mm bathtub without actually seeing it. At our showroom, you can see not only the different designs, but also the different lengths of bathtubs. Allow yourself the chance to see everything for yourself before making an informed decision

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Exclusive Benefits For Showroom Visit

Different Designs

View the whole range of bathtub collections that we have. From the London Prestige to the Paris Prestige, you will find many designs.

See, Feel, Touch

See for yourself the different lengths of bathtubs and how they look and feel. From 900mm to 1800mm, gauge how they will look in your bathroom.

Experience Jacuzzi

With a fully-equipped 8 Air Jet Jacuzzi with Waterfall and LED Lights, you can choose on for yourself which features you would like to customise.

Standalone Bathtub Small Bathtub HDB Portfolio Gallery

Showroom Visit Consultation

Enjoy all the benefits of getting to see, feel, and touch all the bathtubs that we have available.

This includes a fully equipped Jacuzzi bathtub with all the functions you can ever imagine. Air jets, waterfall, LED Lights. You name it.

Get personal recommendations from our friendly staff too!

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Standalone Bathtub Small Bathtub HDB Portfolio Gallery
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