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Find out What to Expect

Here’s what to expect

Relaxing Candles Fragrance

6 Luxurious Bath Bombs, of course.

Your Bath Bombs are getting packed and ready to be delivered to you! Don’t worry that you don’t have a bathtub yet, because you can also expect –

100% Obligation-Free Site Visit and Expert Advice

Here are the things that our Bathtub Expert will help you with:

–  Taking key measurements of your bathroom space: Especially if you consider options such as Alcove tubs, a 1-2 cm error in measurement can mean that your bathtub will not fit in at all.

– Observe any difficulties that may occur during installation: Depending on your fixtures and door orientation, issues may occur when shifting your bathtub in and installing your drainage and piping. This is an example of how door orientation affects the maximum bathtub length.


–  Walk you through any concerns or considerations that you may have in choosing and installing a new bathtub.

– If you wish, we can also help to recommend you which types of bathtubs would be the best fit for your bathroom and your usage requirements.

This Free Site-Visit and Consultation is completely Obligation-Free, we are just happy to help you make decisions more confidently. And we also get to work towards our dream for every home to have a bathtub!

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