Sit back, get ready to be pampered


Get Ready To Relax

Relaxing Candles Fragrance

Just wait out for our call. We’ll answer any questions you have before we confirm your delivery details for dispatch.

While waiting for your bathtub to arrive today, you can ready yourself to get pampered by:

–  Putting together your favourite relaxing playlist – Slow Jazz, Classical, Ballad or Hard Metal, whatever suits your tastes.

–  Getting out your favourite soaps and scents. If you have candles, or oil lamps, it’s time to get them out of your cupboard.

– Make yourself a nice drink – A glass of Wine, A mug of Beer, Specially brewed flower tea, or a simple Milo-Bing

– Many other ways to pamper yourself and truly relax! For more, you can subscribe to our mailing list to learn the art of relaxation 🙂

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